Not sure what good this will do, but....

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by jot7, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. jot7

    jot7 Network Guru Member

    Here is a copy of the comment I sent to Linksys on thier website....

    To Whom it May Concern,
    For many years I have recommended your products to clients, but after this latest issue with my router, I would not recommend them as paper weights! I had an older B-Band unit that worked fine, but I decided to move up to the faster 54Mbs unit. I originally purchased a WRT54Gv4 unit and it worked great for about 3 months until I downloaded and tried to install the latest firmware from your site. The unit quickly "bricked" itself and would not reset. Your technical support tech after an hour of being on the phone with me, decided the unit was not salvageable and gave me an RMA number to exchange it. A new unit showed up a few days later, but to my disappointment, it was the new WRT54Gv5. Within an hour of installing it, I started to have problems. I went to your website and downloaded the latest firmware to try to resolve the issue. This did not work. The problem it is having is that I must reset the router every 36 to 48 hours to access the internet. It is also dropping the UPnP and I can not ping the router. If I remove the power for 10 seconds, everything starts working again. After placing several e-mails and technical calls to your company, I just gave up and searched the internet for a solution. I came across a web site that offered some help, but as I kept reading, I discovered that your company in a way to save costs and to keep people from doing their own upgrades to the routers changed the OS to VxWorks. I believe this is a huge mistake of your company to go to an OS that is still very buggy. You would be surprised to see how many posts on this website of people like me having the same problem with this version of your router. WE all decided to wait for the latest firmware (1.00.6) in hope all of our problems would be solved. It did not. We are all still suffering from a lost internet connection from anywhere to every 10 minutes to 36 hours max. This is unacceptable. I am tired of calling your tech support that has been outsourced abroad because they have no clue with what they are doing except for being able to read a manual you have provided for them. At this point, I want to speak to an engineer or someone who actually works on these routers and not someone in another country reading a script. I know it is every company's desire to make as much as profit as possible, but when this affects your customer service and you put out shody products, this can quickly destroy your customer base. I believe switching to the new VxWorks software to save money in the routers is destroying your company's reputation for building a good and solid product. I would like to have this v5 unit replaced with a v3 or v4, but I am not going to keep putting the replacement unit on my credit card until you recieve your v5 back, and I feel I should not have to keep paying for the shipping on a problem your company has created. I am not some "newbie" to PC's and networks as I have been installing networks and repairing PC's for 5 years now and I am only two semesters away from getting my Associate Degree in Computer Science as a Network Specialist.
    I hope someone in management in your company reads this and decides that customer service and a worthy product is more important than the all might dollar...

    I am so frustrated with the WRT54Gv5 and after reading everyone's posts about the same problems, I felt I had to post a comment to Linksys. Not sure what good may come of this. I will keep everyone informed on what response I get..
  2. jgutz20

    jgutz20 Network Guru Member

    it sucks that they sent you a v5 back after buying a v4. its getting pretty tough to find V4's in retail stores anymore. you should make them send you the WRT54GL which is the v4 router if you have problems getting a V4 or earlier
  3. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    I recommend adding an appropriate customer review on Amazon and a few other sites. Some people do read those before purchasing....
  4. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    One other suggestion. Call Linksys back. Tell them why you want a replacement for what was defective, not a stripped-down castrated replacement.

    I've heard success stories, though not lately, of people convincing Linksys to swap V5s for older versions. In your case, since you started with an older version, I would think that would be a perfectly reasonable request.

    Man, that's actually pretty scary. Maybe I'd better buy a Linux based unit as a spare while the gettin's good.
  5. jgutz20

    jgutz20 Network Guru Member

    yea i've got 3 of them right now, 2 ver 4 and 1 ver 2. im using all in WDS (which i absolutely do not need in my house) so i have something to fall back on should one of them die. lots of times clients needing SRX quality devices will give me their old ones.
  6. jot7

    jot7 Network Guru Member

    The only reason I haven't called them back is because I don't have an hour or two to deal with tech support anymore. I just want a working router. I just decided to post that comment on thier comments page in hopes that someone in thier company would investigate this issue and maybe come up with a better solution than keep putting out products that do not work properly. After reading the posts about the new GSv5 having VxWorks on it, it looks as though the company is going away from using any Linux OS in future products. As soon as I get my refund check back from school, I am going to purchase a Cisco 871W router. They are offering it at a discounted price for Cisco students. At least I know it will work and I will get much better technical support if there is a problem than I have with their child company. Still hoping they will swap out my current router for a v3, v4, or a GL. We will see. Until then, every other day I will reset the power on my router.....
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