NSLU reboots in a loop when harddisk connected

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by hashman, Dec 24, 2006.

  1. hashman

    hashman Network Guru Member


    I got a major issue on my nslu2 which appeared all on its own out of the blue:
    One day I just tryed accessing my nslu2 mounted hard disk from my windows XP computer and it reasked me the login/pw to connect to the drive (unusual), so i typed it... and nothing happened...
    I tried pinging my box: no response
    So i opened the closet to see it blink ... blink and blink
    It went through its usual boot process: Green blinking of the status light, disk1/disk2 lights turn on... and finally, the status light goes orange and starts all over again: Sort of an infinite loop.
    So i turn the box off (have to unplug), and plug it back in... turn it on: no chance of getting it to work. Same infinite loop in boot process... the Status light goes from green blinking to an orange blink and start again.

    I then disconnect both disks and try to boot again: it boots.
    But the IP had reset from (my network settigns) to
    So i change my laptop network settings to connect to the web page and then go to admin to set back normal ip: I get the "samba can not find information" error.
    I manage to fix that with the RedBoot method (reset sysconf)
    But now the main problem:

    I can boot the NSLU2 without disks normally.
    As soon as I connect a disk (either ext3 formatted, or ntfs formatted, or even unformatted) it just goes back to crashing (status blinks orange and then loops on trying to boot up)
    I can connect the disk before turning it on (on either usb port), or once booted up: same result.
    If I connect the disk after it has booted up... it restarts after a few seconds of working correctly (around 20seconds)

    I have tried all available firmwares (unslung, linksys official, debianslug...etc): same result :-(

    Any help would be appreciated, and Merry xmas and happy new year to all

  2. hashman

    hashman Network Guru Member

    power issue. With new adapter all works fine...
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