NSLU2 2.3r63

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by teachscience, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. teachscience

    teachscience Network Guru Member

    Be very careful upgrading to this firmware. It has 1 nice feature- ability to read fat 32 and ntfs :cheer:
    I have this attached to wrt54g v1 running newest firmware 4.2.06.
    Firmware for NSLU2 has big issues! NSLU2 gets dropped regularly. Power controls no longer work, only way to power on and off is cord. A little drastic for something with a power button.
    IP address resets itself pretty regularly.
    Does anyone have any advice on this?
  2. nigelblimp

    nigelblimp Guest

    Can not download NSLU2 V2.3 R63

    I can not download the new version (V2.3 R63) from the LINKSYS website. The link downloads a file with 511 bytes when it should be 5+MB. When I used their live support, I was sent to their FTP site which only has older versions available.

    Has anyone got the .ZIP file available to share?

    Many thanks
  3. rlm1241

    rlm1241 Network Guru Member

    NSLU2 2.3R63 Firmware Upgrade Failed

    Just received a new NSLU2. I already had a USB drive with 3 partitions that I wanted to connect to it, so I updated the firmware to 2.3R63. After the upgrade I tried to go to the USERS option to create user accounts for drive access, but received an error

    Warning: No HDD with EXT3 format available, operations on user, group and share are disabled.

    This makes sense, because I have no EXT3 partitions, but I had not read that these options would not be available on NTFS formatted partitions. Have tried their live chat - been online for an hour now with no luck. BTW - their firmware release note insists on Port 2 for the connection, but that port reads the drive as UNFORMATTED. Port 1 does read the capacity and type correctly. The rep wanted me to format, but uh, no thanks . . .

    Mapping to the assigned name\partition name does work if you supply correct GUEST or ADMIN credentials, but that's not quite what I envisioned . . .
  4. techmanblues

    techmanblues Network Guru Member

    Regardless of what the documentation says, connect an EXT3 drive of 10GB or higher at USB1. Use the NSLU1 to do the formatting. It seems that NTFS/FAT32 support is severely limted (if it works) and buggy. For example, I cannot create any new accounts with non-EXT3 drive at USB1. Only the default Admin user exists.

    The reason that the NSLU2 does not recognize certain external HDs is I believe compatibilty with certain HD enclosures. I am going to begin a thread with a list of enclosures that works with the NSLU2.

    So far, my NSLU2 has retain its static IP at
  5. rlm1241

    rlm1241 Network Guru Member

    Response From Linksys Support

    Here is what I received from Linksys in reply to my question:

    "Thank you for contacting Linksys Customer Support.

    Based from tests that have been tried, it shows that the NTFS/FAT32 will work with port 1 and not with port 2. Also, setting up Users, Groups, or Shares was found not to work with hard drives formatted with NTFS/FAT32 as of the moment. We are still doing some additional tests about the functionality of the device with the firmware 2.3R63.

    We apologize for this inconvenience."

    So, it looks like it isn't quite ready for prime time . . .
  6. techmanblues

    techmanblues Network Guru Member

    As it is, the firmware also suffers from poor GUI design. For example, why does whenever I create a new user, a new group is also created with the same name as the user? Also, I am still confused about the access permission. I hope that Linksys fixes most of these problems and give it a new version number. Actually that is usually done in big companies. Two or three groups are assigned on creating new versions of the software at the same time. That's how WindowsMe and Windows 2000 Pro were designed.
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