NSLU2 - Backup issues - a few !

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by rajt, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. rajt

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    I am using the NSLU2 only for backing up my NAS drive at the moment and the issues I have with firmware R63 are:

    1. No indication of a backup running, shouldn't it be on the main screen?
    2. Cannot cancel a backup that is currently running, except for rebooting the unit !
    3. On the backup screen, if you press 'Backup Now' at the bottom and then press it again, there is no error message to indicate you've just pressed it and a backup is running.
    4. I am using the NSLU2 to backup from a Maxtor NAS to a USB on the NSLU2. When you create a backup job you can only specify one source folder. This is a bit limiting. If I were to create simultaneuos multiple backup jobs for each different directory running at the same time would this work?

    5. If you cant have jobs running at the same time what happens when you set 2 jobs 1 hour apart but the first job takes over an hour to run? What will happen to job 2?

    6. Backup failed on one occassion. It may be due to the power-save function on the source NAS. I've turned this off and it 'seems' okay. Has future firmware accommodated drives that may be in sleep mode when reading/writing to during backup, i.e 'waking' the drive by accessing it?

    7. A couple of directories did not backup...I've got no idea why, there is enough space on the USB !!

    8. Should I keep the USB drive as FAT32 or convert to NTFS. Any issues with NTFS?

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks !
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