NSLU2 data transfer overload/lockup

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by BillBernoe, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. BillBernoe

    BillBernoe Guest

    I have a NSLU2 running V2.3R73 firmware and every time I try and copy my music folder to the HDD via the slug, part way through, the slug locks up, requiring a reboot for the slug to come back.

    If I lock the ethernet link to 10M, no probs, when I use 100M, it always locks up. If I use wireless access instead of wired, it seems to behave - albeit transfers are much slower. It would seem as soon as I introduced a connection bottleneck, the unit seems to be able to keep up with the transfers.

    I am using this in a Windows 2003 Server environment with XP SP2 client machines if that makes any difference.

    Has anyone else had this issue? I can't see how this box would serve any use at all as file server or back up appliance if it had to be throttled back below 100M. I have tried two different HDD drives as well as several different switches - Cisco, Linksys, DLink etc.. I haven't seen any mention to this prob in the forums.

    Help please - certainly would be appreciated.
  2. Kinux

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    I have a NLSU2 as my central file storage for a mix of Windows and Linux PCs and transfer Gigs of files each week without any problem.

    I once had in the beginning of my NSLU2, instability problems and found that it was due to the external USB disk controller. Once I switched to IcyBox external enclosures I found no problems at all since years that I use my device.

    For your info I have the NSLU2 connected on one of the switch ports of my DSL WAG200G and three 100 MBit 8 port switches to the other ports of the DSL.

    Now, when you say it locks up, you mean other PCs can't see it anymore, can't ping it or access it's web interface?

    Is it always locks up when transferring from the same PC or any one of them can lockup the system? Have you tried to go back to none beta version of the Firmware like 2.3R63 ?

    Can you transfer the same amount of file between your PCs to be sure it is the NSLU2 problem? I had once also big troubles with transfers from a PC having a Realtek Lan controller and finally found it was one of it's parameters that I had to disable to make it transfer without problem.

    I hope these check points can help you to find out your problem.
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