NSLU2 fileserver trouble!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Nov 1, 2005.

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    I just posted the following request to Linksys support but since this forum seems to host a great deal of expert’s maybe I can get the answers here.

    I recently bought as NSLU2 fileserver and I’m generally very happy with it. I run the latest firmware R.63 and have a 250Gbyte USB disk connected on port 1.

    When looking at the disk folder structure I see a DISK 1 folder that seems to be just a mirror or the disk root. Why is that?

    I see a folder named “lost+found†that I cannot do anything with. What is that?

    I set up FTP access but really miss the feature of enabling FTP access for each share on the drive, for now it is all or nothing. Will that be changed in a future firmware release?

    Why won’t my disk go into sleep mode when connected to the fileserver?

    When I set up an automatic defrag session for disk 1 (connected) it tries to do it for disk 2 (not connected) When I do it manually by pressing the defrag disk 1 button in the web interface it is performed ok. Is that an error in the firmware and when will it be corrected then?
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