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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by mrclean, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. mrclean

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    I've read numerous forums describing the relative ease with which one can integrate NSLU2 into a home wireless network. We have a Linksys WRT54G router (v4.0) and a Mac iBook and Mac G4 desktop computer. We'd been swapping around our Maxtor II 1-touch back up drive, connecting it directly to computers and performing backups; however, we thought it would be great to back up the laptop wirelessly. Following tips on the web, I bought the NSLU2, hooked it up, and I'm trying to configure it (including the reformatting of the 1touch drive--I know!), but I'm not able to see the NSLU2 when I type in It never opens. The Status light is green on NSLU2, the ethernet light is illuminated, and "Disk 1" is illuminated where I have the Maxtor plugged. The Maxtor drive is "flashing". Not sure what that means. I've tried "pinging" (I think I'm doing it right). Anyway, I only see my router and my desktop. Any suggestions or should I give up and take the thing back? :sadbye:
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    Could it be as simple as you are not in the same subnet? by default the NSLU is given a static address of Change one of your workstations to a static IP in the same subnet and you'll see it for sure. If this is not the problem. Turn the NSLU off and unplug the drive. Turn the NSLU on without the drive and see if it is available
  3. mrclean

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    After much struggle, I finally was able to connect via the web interface (had to reset the unit). I also managed to upgrade the NSLU2 firmware (R63), figured out how to reformat the Maxtor to ext3 using the NSLU2 web interface, and I can now mount the hard drive on the desktop of our laptop. Unfortuately, Retrospect Express did not work with this arrangement (something about a 2 GB limit on file transfer). I did manage to get the shareware program "SuperDuper" to work; however, the backup speeds are SLOOOOW! It took nearly 3 days to backup the entire laptop hard drive (0.2MB/sec average speed).

    I've read in some places that installing "Unslung" can correct this problem. IS THIS TRUE?

    I'm a total novice. I don't have a LINUX box or PC. I'm only passingly familiar with UNIX, so I can dabble, but I've had no luck with some of the first steps required in the README for installing Unslung. For example, I can't get to the Redboot Telnet prompt. I bought a crossover cable and connected the NSLU2 directly to the Mac. I've logged in on my Mac as "root", yet I can't seem to get the commands listed in the NSLU2 "Accessing Redboot" wiki to work. For example, I can't seem to get the ping speed down to 0.3. I get an error message in the UNIX terminal window that this isn't recognized. I can't turn on telnet with http://<my nslu2 ip>/Management/telnet.cgi either. I get an error message.

    I would so very much welcome some advice. My wife is about ready to chuck me, the NSLU2, and the hard drive into the dumpster (I promised her that I'd set it up, and it would be "easy").

    If someone (1) knows that upgrading to unslung fixes the speed problem
    (2) has successfully made this transition in an "all Mac" environment like me
    I'd love to hear about it.
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