NSLU2 Network Access from DOS

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by toerag, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. toerag

    toerag Network Guru Member

    I'm trying to set up a dos boot with network access so that I can
    backup my systems to a nslu2 device using Ghost. After some
    initial difficulties I now have the setup booting correctly and
    mapping the nslu2 share to a drive letter.

    I can change to that drive letter, I can change directories on the
    share and I can copy files to the share. However, when I do a DIR on
    the share or its subdirectories I get no listing. All I get is:

    Volume in drive X has no label
    Extended Error 123

    I've been searching both google and ms support to determine what this
    error code means but can find no information. Any help would be most

    Incidentally, when I run Ghost it will actually let me backup to and restore from the NSLU2 but again, it won't list any files/directories that are on the drive (I have to know the file name and type it in specifically). This is not the greatest way to work.
  2. hgoor

    hgoor Network Guru Member

    What version of Ghost do you use? I use Acronis TrueImage which runs from a CD and it runs in a mini-Linux environment which has no problems with EXT/3 or Linux formatted disks. You can even look inside a image and restore 1 file.

    Btw: it seems a problem that DOS has: it might have to do with characters in file names that dos doesn't know (spaces).
  3. toerag

    toerag Network Guru Member

    I'm using Ghost 2003.

    I don't think it's a DOS filename problem since I can copy/retrieve the files with DOS but can't display the same files. I think it's just that DOS has some issues with ext/3 (possible ext/2 as well)

    I'll dig around and look up Acronis TrueImage ... thanks for the tip.
  4. toerag

    toerag Network Guru Member

    hgoor, thanks for pointing me to Acronis TrueImage. I tried it and it's doing everything I want.

    I still don't trust backing up a Windows boot partition from within Windows, partly because Windows always has some files open and locked and I don't know what "tricks" they pull to get around that. Also I wouldn't trust multi-tasking while a backup was in progress and if I can't use the system during that time, it's kinda moot whether I do it inside or outside Windows. (In fact, Windows loads so much in the background that it's essentially multitasking all the time even if you do close all apps).

    I sound a bit paranoid don't I? :p

    In any event I took the TrueImage Boot-CD route using a mini-CDR disc. It works in all the workstations on my network (4) without fuss, correctly identifies the network and network shares and runs without problems. Suits me fine.

    Great Stuff! :dancing:
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