NSLU2 new firmware oddity

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by Sbelew, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. Sbelew

    Sbelew Network Guru Member

    I recently installed the new Linksys firmware v2.3R29 The unit now tells me under the Home tab that the Disk 1 is 82% free and Disk 2/Flash has 0% free. I have 2 120gb hard drives attached and use the 2nd drive for backup. Yet, under the backup log it says the backup was started at the specific time and completed. Also in the scandisk log, it says Disk 1: Scandisk ends, No errors found. Disk 2: Scandisk ends, No errors found. Has anybody else experienced this or any other problems with the firmware? Not sure if i should leave it or go back to the r25 version.
  2. wdeertz

    wdeertz Network Guru Member

    I just upgraded to R29 also and have experienced the same issue. Drive 2 shows 0% available despite there being over 100gb.
  3. helsten2

    helsten2 Network Guru Member

    Same happens to me (on R29)
    I even tried to reformat. Didn't help.

    I also noticed that I get device I/O error on this disk (disk 2) if I try to read big (> 4GB(?)) files (but I can write them)

    On disk 1 the Led is ON if there is no activity. On disk 2 the led is always flashing ... (Disk 2 /Flash :))
  4. VTrider

    VTrider Network Guru Member

    I experience this same problem after flashing to R29, doesn't seem to affect anything so don't know if I should re-flash to previous or keep? Hmmmm?
  5. jack_bauer

    jack_bauer Guest


    I have the same problem, so I decided to ask the german Linksys Support Unit. Their answer was to downgrade to R25.

    I've downgraded successfully to R25. The second HDD now shows the correct capacity of 24% instead of 0% and the telnet-access is available, too.

  6. retief

    retief Network Guru Member

    Does this cause issues with large, > 1gb files for you? And how di you find R25? The support site I find only has the latest. I just installed last night and upgraded to R29, don't know if I will have this issue yet or not as I only have 1 drive currently installed.

  7. suroma

    suroma Guest

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