nslu2 sorry Linksys, it isn't cutting the mustard

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by silent-one, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. silent-one

    silent-one Network Guru Member

    But I am not impressed. I had two power outages yesterday and now I cannot access the stupid thing regardless of what I do. I've powered down the computers, rebooted the server, all that is left is to copy the data OFF the nslu2 drive, reformat that drive and trash the piece of crap.

    I have had continuous problems writing to the nslu2, the only possible fix offered is to "replace the hard drive". Hmm. Now no matter which computer I am on, I DO NOT have access to WRITE anything to the drive.

    Linksys, a great idea whose time has yet to come for me. Those who have it working, great I hope it keeps on keeping on. Mine is going off. It is not worth the BS I am going through to be unsure if the files will be there when I want or NEED them.
  2. Anthonyjt

    Anthonyjt Guest

    I have two NSLU2, one at home, one at work. Both work fine. I have had problems accessing the one at the office. When I did I reset it to factory defaults then used the setup software it came with to find it. I had it set up in a room with a lot of heat and burned out a HD. Put a fan over it ( and other networking equipment) and it has worked fine ever since then. The secret seems to be the setup wizard software for locating it. Hope this helps.
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