NSLU2 suddenly says Disk1 not formatted!

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by JimB75, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. JimB75

    JimB75 Guest

    Hi All,

    I have a Maxtor 250G external hard drive plugged in to my NSLU2 that I access thru a router. I also have a WinXP Desktop plugged in to the network.

    Last night I was copying files from the Maxtor to my PC thru the NSLU2 and all of a sudden I got a Blue Screen of Death. I rebooted my PC and refreshed my router.

    But the NSLU2 now cannot show any of my shares on the Maxtor and says that it is not formatted!

    Have I lost all my 60G worth of data? :evil: :x :roll:

    Please help!!!
  2. wkaml

    wkaml Network Guru Member

    Do you have a Disk 2?

    When I was running the old firmware I had the exact same problem. Once in a sudden Disk1 was reported as not formatted.

    This is a list of problems that I went through with the different firmware versions:
    V2.3R25 Problem: Disk 1 not formatted - false error message / Could not copy large amount of data
    V2.3R26 Problem: Could not copy large amount of data
    V2.3R29 Problem: No write access to any of the shares from Windows any longer

    Well, the question for you will be if you got a Disk2? - I had one and what I did was, I took Disk1 off the NSLU2 and connected it directly to a PC, reformatted the Disk1 in DOS and copied all the data from Disk 2/NSLU2 to Disk1/PC. Then I reformatted Disk2 while connected to the NSLU2 and moved all the data from the Disk1/PC to the NSLU2. Once that was completed, I moved the Disk1 from the PC to the NSLU2 which will not recognize the disk since it has been formatted in DOS mode. So I reformatted Disk1 that now became Disk2 and then I setup the mirror again (copy Disk 1 to Disk2).
  3. glhunt

    glhunt Guest

    "Disk 1 not formatted" - again!

    For the second time in a month, my NSLU2 has come up with "Disk 1 not formatted" after copying files to it (both times from a Win98 machine, I think.) Not big files (<22MB largest), not a lot of files (<10,000 total), and it already handled much larger and more files from other machines on my network. Just updated the firmware to V23R29 today, so the new failure happened with it and the first one with R25 (exact same symptoms.)

    I'm using two Maxtor OneTouch 250GB hard drives, and when I pull Disk 1 off, plug it into a WinXP machine and look at it, Disk Manager shows 3 partitions on the drive (1 big, two small), and using explore2fx on it shows that the files storing user and share info are still there--but no user files.

    Fortunately I did have Drive 2 doing backups, so I'm trying to restore by reformatting Drive 1, after which I intend to try copying Drive 2 back to it. But this is a totally unsatisfactory situation from a reliability standpoint. The previous postings have not shown any indication that this is getting fixed. Is there any more information on this (or how to get around it)?
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