NSLU2@V23R72 & WD750GB I/O Errors Please Help!

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by zabrzeski, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. zabrzeski

    zabrzeski Guest

    Hi Everyone!
    I'm a new user, and not an Administrator so forgive me if i write some silly stuff.
    I have a network storage NSLU2 with updated firmware to v23r72 , have connected a WD HDD with 750GB , i made a succesful format the disk to ext2 . All settings like users, groups are OK , all permissions are RW. The problem is:

    When i go to the disk from my PC and log in , it happens i cant make new directorys or write to the hdd (looks like read only) when i reboot the NSLU2 everything is OK till i try to copy some data then i after copying of some files (no mather the size) i get a message about I/O Error (no more info about it) or a message that the disk is full

    The NSLU2 seems to see my HDD corectly (
    Version: V2.3R72
    IP Address:
    USB Port 1: Ready, 703944MB (99% Free)
    USB Port 2: Not Installed)

    I have no expirience with such problems, perhabs You can help me or give me some advice. Regards Chris

    PS:Sorry for English mistakes, have a new system running and did not installed yet any soft with mistakes correction
  2. ChiefZeke

    ChiefZeke LI Guru Member

    The latest firmware update that I have is V2.3R76 beta which I installed back on 07 Sept 2007. I have no idea if it is still available around here.

    If you can find it it may, repeat MAY, cure your problem.
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