NSLU2/WRT54G Audio Stutter problem

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by jbruett, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. jbruett

    jbruett LI Guru Member

    Hey all...first time poster...long time linksys user

    I am having a newly developed problem with WRT54G v6 and NSLU2 but don't know where the problem may exist. Just looking for some starting points, or if anyone has had this problem before.

    First things first, the setup, keep in mind router is running latest firmware, mostly basic settings, have secured network (change of password...using 128 bit wep/changed wireless id), the NSLU2 is running r63. Router has the following hooked up. (XBOX/PS2)/1 wired winxp sp2 PC/P2P/NSLU2. The NSLU2 has 2 drives, both 60 gb maxtors (diamondmax 9 or 10 i think). Using not so special USB enclosures from MadDog. Both drives are proprietary format and the second drive is mirrored to the first...so I can't put anything on it directly (or don't).

    So the problem...

    As stated in the subject, the problem is that, using ITunes the audio, that I have been playing off the NSLU2 for almost 8 months has recently started to stutter (last couple of days) as well as initial access times have slowed to a halt. For example...say I am playing a game. Get out of the game go to My Computer and click on the mapped drive to disk 1 of the slug, takes over 45 seconds for the dang thing to pop open, once I'm in, surfing around the drive is no prob.

    Things I have done to try and resolve the issue:

    - power cycled all equipment
    - scandisk from NSLU2 admin site
    - remapped drive in windows
    - disconnected and reconnected all equipment

    I would prefer not to have to format the drives if possible. But aside from that am completely open to trying anything. If you need to know anything else let me know.

    I am kinda lost...any help would be appreciated. TYIA

    -- JB
  2. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    You've tried all the tricks I would have suggested:

    After about 10K worth of file writes and then deletes, the NSLU2 starts to get sluggish and requires a reboot or power cycle.

    I'm not sure that a scan disk will ever fix a sluggish access problem, but it will fix a drive that is locked into a read-only mode.

    Sometimes if I've disconnected and reconnected the LAN cables from my NSLU2, the access to the various directory levels and files becomes very sluggish. A router or switch power cycle will fix this.

    Have you been steadily increasing the number of audio files during this period of time it was functioning properly? The reason I ask is that you may have exceeded some critical number of files within the NSLU2 such that ITunes can no longer cope with the increased delays from the NSLU2. The performance of the NSLU2 definitely drops as the number of files it must access in directories increases.
  3. jbruett

    jbruett LI Guru Member

    Over the 8 months i have had the slug i have gone from zero to 40% full. This drive is my backup solution, holds both mine and my wifes profiles, music, download files, and pictures among other things. we have about 14GB taken up. I would think that it would be fine...I can tell you that the folder structure inside of the music folder is very clean, as itunes keeps it that way. files are grouped by artist then album, approx 650-700 songs i think. I ran the scan disk to make sure there were no physical problems, which i don't believe there are.
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