Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by raymm, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. raymm

    raymm Guest

    I can't update my time. I click on the time at the right bottom of screen, get Date & Time Properties, go to Internet Time, click Update now, get "error occured...RPC server is unavailable", but I can surf the net, get email.

    Tried forwarding port, Customized Application - NTP - 7051-7051 -TCP & UDP,, enabled, but still above error message.

    Tried both Win XP Pro defaul servers: time.nist.gov and time.windows.com, err message on both.

    What to do?
  2. smiley

    smiley Guest

    I would also like to know the answer to this.

    From what I understand, The NTP port is 123, but port triggering this port or forwarding the port using "port range forward" does not work.

    (I'm using SVEASOFT SATORI v4.0 firmware)
  3. talinkio

    talinkio Network Guru Member

    raymm and smiley, I do not know if you two ever got an answer to your time update problem but i shall write some advice anyway.

    If the computers you are trying to update are connected on a network with a server, most likely they are being updated by the server. Windows servers kinda take over that function on a network and they update and then give the time to the other pcs. you can try going to the server and updating the time and it will most likely work.

    if that is not the problem trying doing this
    --> open a command prompt
    --> net time /setsntp:time.nist.gov
    --> net stop w32time
    --> net start w32time

    You should also make sure the service is starting with windows
    --> Start Menu
    --> Run
    --> services.msc

    On the right find the line that says Windows Time
    and make sure it is set to automatically start if you want it to run.

    You also said that you tried port trigger and forwarding of 123, make sure to check UDP.

    I hope this helps..
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