Occasional lockups

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by linflas, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. linflas

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    I have the pre3.1 release and have been having problems with p2p software. Have 400 connections open in emule and 800 open in bittorrent and router is locking up requiring a reset every 8 hours or so, what sort of connection limits should I be putting on my programs, with the stock firmware i was only stable with under 200 connections total. I changed firmware to resolve this issue. I have static ip's for all units on the network.

    wrt 54G--->winxp comp, and 2 xboxes hard wired

    linksys 5 port wireless switch-->Hp print server wired to switch

    linksys signal booster---> winxp laptop, imac with airport card
  2. macsat

    macsat Network Guru Member



    I see the same thing happening. Locks up when using amule / bittorrent.

    The issue seems worse in pre3.1 than in pre2.
  3. starbuck28

    starbuck28 Network Guru Member


    does anybody know how many connections are possible
    with the DD-WRT V22-prefinal3.1 firmware?
    Perhaps Brainslayer could answer this question!

    Or for short how many support alchemy (dd-wrt is based on it)?

    best regards
  4. dellsweig

    dellsweig Network Guru Member

    I fI understand DD-WRT 2.2 Pre3.1 correctly, this is a configurable option on the administration page - look under IP Filter settings. The port number should be the number of concurrent open port connections the 54G will allow. You might try to increase this.

    Remember, everything comes with a trade off. I dont know what increasing this so your illegal downloads will work will effect. In other words normal routing operations may be effected....
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