Occasional loss of (Verizon) DSL connection

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by itsmeohmy, Feb 6, 2006.

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    First of all, I apologize that this may not belong here since the symptoms point to something that is not my hardware. But I'm posting here in case anyone can give me an idea of settings or something to test in order to figure out my problem.

    First of all, my setup. I have Verizon DSL (downgraded to 768k downloads by Verizon because of my problems), a Westell 6100 DSL modem provided by Verizon, and a WRT54G v3.0 router with dd-wrt v23. I use wired and wireless connections to 4 machines and a network printer. I have my Linksys router running in PPPoE mode with RP PPPoE enabled and a 30 second Keep-Alive and a 1450 MTU size. I have wireless enabled and WEP used as wireless encryption with a 64-bit key. No ports are currently forwarded, and firewall is enabled. Any other information, please ask and I'll tell.

    Second, my main problem is that my IP address will change very often. This happens anywhere between 5 minutes and a few hours in between changes. My reason for this being a major problem is I have people that need to connect into a machine within my network, and with a constantly changing IP address, I am constantly monitoring my email and IM messages for IP address requests.

    I've also noticed that there is a occurring connection loss to my router via my wireless connection (from my Dell laptop), but that seems to be a more normal problem that has another thread on this forum, so I'm not counting this as the same problem. The reason this isn't the same problem (I believe) is because when my IP address changes and I lose internet connection, I am still able to get to the routers admin web pages and browse and switch between them. This is not my major problem and not a topic of concern for this thread. I'll tackle this problem later (hopefully the first is solveable).

    Third, things I've tried to do. I have contacted Verizon support technicians many times over the course of 4-6 months (I lost track of how long this had been going on for). I would have to go through the same basic trouble-shooting with EVERY verizon tech (damn tiered support) and they would always blame this on me (portable phone, length of phone cord, use of a router, number of computers, ...) but each time, I would take their advice and drop my setup to having my laptop hardwired to the DSL modem and that running PPPoE to get an address and my laptop getting a DHCP address from the DSL modem. I would still end up losing my internet connection and have my IP change. This points me to something that is happening before the DSL modem (such as bad wiring to my apartment), but when I had techs at my apartment to test the line, they would say the signal was fine.

    I had problems like this before because I had Comcast cable modem where my internet connection would drop, although I would lose connection for a duration between 5 minutes up to 4 hours. Again, they said line signal was good, and would try to blame my equipment, but nothing their techs suggested would fix this. The one time that anything good came out of Comcast, I had their tech come to my place, sit at my computer and wait until I lost internet. It was the only time I've ever heard a tech say "What the hell?!" After that, I found out that a few people in my area had the same problem, and they couldn't figure out why. That was one of the last days I had Comcast before switching to DSL (unfortunately, now having the same type of problems).

    I know this is a pretty unique case, and may boil down to my apartment will just never have a good internet connection (I've asked my apartment complex, no one else has complained about anything like this). But if anyone can give me anything that I can set with my router or DSL modem OR anything I can test or install to test, please let me know. I have basically scoured all the internet sites I could and I have not found any good explanations or fixes.
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