Odd loss of routes through WRT54GS in client mode.

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by Ian_m, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. Ian_m

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    I keep on experiencing occasional loss of connectivity through a WRT54GS running Satori in client mode. I have the following:
    DG834G ( -Wireless - WRT54GS ( - cable- Device (
    | cable
    PC (

    (DG834G is a wirelss ADSL router, replacing a duff WAG54G).

    When it all works I can ping everything from everything else. But occasionally I lose connectivity between and .200 device. I can telnet into the WRT54GS (.9) (from .10 PC) and it can ping .10 and .200 from the WRT54GS but pinging .200 from .10 (PC) fails. This also just happens in use, telnet disconnection from .10 (PC) to .200.

    Wait a while the connectivity returns until next time. It is not a loss of wireless problem, as the .1 to .9 connection never gets dropped (I can always telnet the WRT54GS) and I can use a wireless portable to remote desktop to the .10 PC all the time.

    I have RIP2 routing in and out enabled on the DG834G, client mode on the WRT54GS, RIP2 routing to LAN and wireless on WRT54GS and routing on in Administration on WRT54GS. I am sure that RIP2 is not required but enable to see if makes a difference (it doesn't).

    Any thoughts ? Can I hard code a route in the WRT54GS, device .200 will always be the only device. Can I view connectivity diagnostics on the WRT54GS to see what is happening as it definately appears the route through the WRT54GS is lost.
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