Official firmware backup how?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Thorz, Dec 5, 2004.

  1. Thorz

    Thorz Network Guru Member

    Hello! First post :)

    First I would like to thank you all for having such a great community.

    I have just got a WRT54GS and have some questions:

    Router came with Firmware Version: v2.09.1, Jul. 3, 2004. It looks very stable and I have been happy until now with it. It has responded well against heavy bittorrent traffic and UPnP programs, these were the main factors that I was looking after changing an Asus WL500g.

    - How can I make a backup of this firmware? I am thinking in flashing with the last official firmware (WRT54GS_3.37.2_US_code) but I like to have a backup of mine that is working ok. Are there issues with this firmware? I have been told by some guy that the WRT54G was having problems with some resent official FWs and that it must be downgraded.

    - These are the features that I am missing in the FW version and these are the main reasons for me to upgrade FW, please tell me if these are found in the last official version or if I need to install something more advanced:

    a) Asignation of static IP via DHCP.
    b) Some kind of monitoring of connected wireless stations.
    c) Why is router not pingable by name? I gave the name "router" in the "Router name" field on basic setup tab, but I cannot "ping router" from my stations.

    Thanks a lot for the help.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    I am not too sure with the backup of the 2.09.1 but the newer 3.37 will have newer settings and the fbackup cfg may not be totally 100% compatable with newer to older versions.

    Static IP via DHCP is not supported afaik by Official firmware, but only by Sveasoft or Wifibox firmwares. (though wifibox doesn't as yet support WRT54GS)

    monitoring can be done by SNMP which is also a feature of Sveasoft and WifiBox firmwares.

    Named router can be done again with sveasoftf firmware. wait a while and "Alchemy v6.0" (sveasoft) will be released. until then I'd be patient....

    btw a list of some of the EXTRA feature above the official firmware is listed here:
  3. Thorz

    Thorz Network Guru Member

    The Sveasoft FW looks impresive. I would still like to test the latest official FW though. Do you recommend to upgrade from my FW to that one?

    Do you know of some place where I can download my actual firmware for having it as a backup if I don't like the last one?

    And last but no less: Is there any probs downgrading FW from 3.x to 2.x?

    Thanks a lot Toxic!
  4. pbarbour1

    pbarbour1 Guest

  5. Thorz

    Thorz Network Guru Member

    Thanks. I have found I think this is my firmware. It was in the international section of the Linksys FTP. Don't know what ETSI means though.
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