on last setup step for router it can't connect to internet

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jul 15, 2005.

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    I have a wrt54g router. I can connect to the internet directly from my adsl modem. I start the router setup using the cd. It checks for an internet connection and lets me proceed. I connect the internet to the router, then the router to the computer. I put all my settings in and then the computer configures the router. On the last step when it checks for an internet connection it says that the router can't connect to the internet. It says to try turning the modem off and on again but yet i still can't get the setup to complete. What can I do to get my router working?
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    Which DSL modem do you have? Some have a router and a DHCP server. If you have have one of those you have a choice, you can have the WRT54G handle the DSL logon and be the DHCP. In that case you have to put your router/modem in bridge mode and disable the DHCP server on the router/modem. Your WRT54G will do the PPOE logon and be the DHCP server and you connect the WAN connection of your WRT54G to one of the port on your router/modem. An example of a modem/router that has characteristic is the Westel Versalink 327W that Verizon uses. The other alternative is to have your router/modem be the DHCP server and handle the PPOE logon. In that case you set the WRT54G in DHCP client mode, disable the DHCP server on your WRT54G, change the local IP Address of your WRT54G not to conflict with the DHCP server on your Modem/Router and the IP Address of your Modem/Router and in Advanced Routing on your WRT54G you set the WRT54G as a router and not a Gateway. You connect one of the LAN ports on your WRT54G to a LAN Port on your router/modem and power cycle your WRT54G after saving all the setting. You may have to disable the firewall on your router/modem in either case. Hope that helps.
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