One network with wrt54g and cablemodem/router

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by wvendrig, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. wvendrig

    wvendrig Network Guru Member

    I want to set up a network with two routers:
    1. Alcatel Speedtouch 510 acts as a modem and has also 4 network ports
    2. Linksys wrt54g

    In my current configuration the speedtouch has an IP of and the linksys and port 4 of the speedtouch is connected to the internet port of the linksys. So far so good end on all the differetn ports I have an internet cionnection
    (3 ports left on speedtouch, 4 ports on linksys and wireless acces on linksys)

    The problemm is that I don't see the PC's connected to the linksys form pc's connected to the speedtouch and vica versa. I can ping on the IP addresses but that's it.

    I would like to configure the network that both routers have the same configuration so I probably need to change one of the routers IP and enable only on one router DHCP etc. Can anyone tell me what's the best configuration for my setup?


    what IP/subnetmask for speedtouch?
    what IP/subnetmask for linksys?
    which one should have dhcp enabled?
    what would be the gateway's ip on my pc's?
    Should I at host/domain names on the routers?
    Do I have to do something with routing tables??

    Most of the pc's i'm working with have win 2k or XP but also one win98se
    some of the PC's (wired and wireless) I would like to use a static IP address and some of the PC's I would like to use a dynamic ip address

    WRT54G_____________wireless acces
    | |______________4 wired
    Speedtouch_________3 wired
  2. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    Either change the WRT54G to run as a router rather than gateway or connect it to the Alcatel router by one of it's LAN ports rather than the WAN port. The later will basically make the router part of it redundant.
  3. wvendrig

    wvendrig Network Guru Member

    tnx for the info,but...

    just changing the operate mode to router doesn't do the trick. I seem to loose all connections afterwards. I also tried it with enabling RIP (although I'm not exactly sure what this is) however with the same result.

    I'm not a network specialist but I've done some things with it in the past. So I was guessing doesn't both the routers need to be in the same ip range?

    and what about the dhcp service, both routers are configered as dhcp that can't be right... But which one to choose as dhcp server?

    the speedtouch router has limited settings possibilities (can't change the IP address) on the other hand the wrt54g seems to have a lot of settings. I also tried changing the IP adress of the wrt54g to also with no luck.

    I would prefer to keep the wires connected as they are, but I will try know to connect the speedtouch to 1 of the 4 lan ports

    but I'm still open to suggestions
  4. wvendrig

    wvendrig Network Guru Member

    I tried connecting the speedtouch to one of the lan ports on the linksys router. That worked for all the access types I wanted the only thing is as was said by TazUk, the linksys is loosing it's functionallity. the config page cannot be reached anymore.

    I still want to access the configuration is there anyone who have a solution.

    tnx in advance
  5. komUnec8

    komUnec8 Network Guru Member

    Connect a Linksys LAN port to a Speedtouch port after having set the Linksys IP address statically to an address in the Speedtouch's address range (eg to Turn off DHCP on the Linksys, and turn on DHCP Relay instead, if you have that option (my WAG54G does).

    Setup DHCP on the Speedtouch to dish out addresses that don't overlap with any static addresses you are using (assuming you can do this on a Speedtouch, I don't know, I don't have one), and so that the Default gateway address it dishes out to all DHCP clients is the address of the Speedtouch (

    Depending on how the Speedtouch can be configured, you may not have a choice here, which may be why you are having problems, as the device dishing out the DHCP address will probably be specifying it's own iP as the default gateway. If you have DHCP turned on in the Linksys, it will probably be trying to send traffic out it's WAN port, which of course doesn't go anywhere in this configuration).

    This is basically how my network is set up, but with different devices from yours, and it works fine!
  6. fruithuibje

    fruithuibje Guest

    Linksys WKPC54G & Thomson 510 ADSL ethernet modem


    While looking for a solution I bounced into this forum. The solutions presented didn't help me but later I found a working solution which I will post here now :D
    Steps to take:
    In Linksys setup-basic setup
    1. Set Internet Connection Type to: static IP
    2. IP address: some IP adress which is in same range as Thomson (in my case, thomson is
    3. Subnet mask:
    4. Default gateway:
    5. DNS1: primairy DNS of your Inet provider
    6. DNS2: secondairy DNS of your Inet provider
    7. DNS3: just leave as is (
    8. Hostname: leave empty
    9. Domain name: leave empty
    10. MTU: disable
    11. Local IP address:
    12. (local)subnetmask:
    13. Local DHCP server: enable
    14. Start IP address:
    15. Number of addresses: 5

    Now connect your Thomson to the internet port of the linksys and all your other gear (desktop's, dreambox, Xbox whatever) to the hub ports. This worked for me, hope it will work for u too.

    regards and good luck :thumbup:
  7. tronborg

    tronborg Guest

    This is how I did it

    I didn't manage to get it working with the above instructions so I'll post what my setup is...

    SpeedTouch 510 (v6):

    Private IP is
    it is acting as a DHCP server
    the adsl is setup with PPPoA


    Private IP is
    DHCP Forwarding to
    Internet connection is set to "Automatic Configuration - DHCP"
    Acting as a Gateway

    Under 'Network Setup' I have this:

    Router IP​

    Local IP Address
    Subnet Mask
    Local DNS

    Thats it. Internet works well :)
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