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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by slove, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. slove

    slove Network Guru Member

    There's no emoticon for me being stupid to put here.

    Here's what I did.... (latest DD-Wrt full on a WRT54G v3)

    I changed the VLAN page so that the WLAN would be the same as the LAN. I wanted to make sure that the wireless clients could use the networked printers that are wired into the router. Is this step needed?

    I disabled the WIRELESS GUI access as the router is in a managed/locked location and I would rather they plug in to it to reconfigure.

    Now, even plugged in I get the access denyed.

    Is the RESET button the only way to get out of this? Does the reset button put DD-Wrt back to its defaults or is it going to revert to the Linksys software?

    I just want to know before I push the reset button.

    Since it's working fine, I left it running and reconfiguring the static IPs......well, it's time that will have to be spent again.
  2. matthiaz

    matthiaz Network Guru Member

    Messing with VLANs is normally not required.

    There might be some command line which reenables you to access your router. But have you tried to just turn it of and on again?
  3. slove

    slove Network Guru Member

    Nope. I will be there tomorrow. I just got one of the new Linksys WVC54GC wireless cameras to monitor the entrance so they can buzz people in, safely. I guess I can turn it off and on, and push the reset button if needed. My laptop has the firmware to reload if that's what is needed.

    I really like the ultity that comes with the camera, it can show up to eight of them all at once. While the client's front and back doors and the schools' can be interfaced with these 'cheap' indoor cameras for buzzing people in, we will have to invest in a weatherproof version for the service entrance which has no glass at all....

    And another 1 or 2 WRT's to expand and make a WDS.....

    Good time to change the WPA passphrase too....
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