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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Alex Maras, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Alex Maras

    Alex Maras Serious Server Member

    ***EDIT*** no longer needed, was a device configuration problem (in this case, a Rapsberry Pi - Please delete this thread if needed.

    I have computers/phones/tablets etc that connect to my router at home through a static DNS - using TUN mainly (as some of my devices are Android and that's all the default VPN API supports), but I also have a TAP profile on my laptop.

    I just added another router to my system - using WPS to extend my wifi to some Ethernet devices in another room. I can't connect to these when on TUN but I can when on TAP (and obviously can if I'm on the wifi at home.

    The TUN VPN gives clients IP addresses in the 192.168.89.x range while everything else on the home network (including the devices I'm trying to connect to) are on 192.168.88.x

    any clues what I can do to be able to connect to these devices without swapping everything to TAP?

    ***EDIT*** - however, I *can* connect to the secondary router configuration...
  2. Alex Maras

    Alex Maras Serious Server Member

    *bump* no thoughts on this?
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