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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by xrattiracer, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. xrattiracer

    xrattiracer Network Guru Member

    The as-shipped OpenVPN config (in the -vpn firmware) is not compatible with my vpn server, so im wondering how to change it. Its just a simple matter of switching the "dev tun" option to "dev tap" since i am using ethernet bridging. I know how to do this in a normal linux distro, but the whole ramdisk populated from flash thing has me way confused when it comes to making permanant changes to files.
    it would be real helpfull to many to have this be an option in the web interface too...
  2. xrattiracer

    xrattiracer Network Guru Member

    well i managed to cobble together my own startup script that makes this work, but its an ugly hack to what should be a simple solution.
    having had no luck figuring out how to modify files in the ro filesystem, i moved on and tried to figure out a bit more about the way openvpn is launched. it seems that everything in /tmp/openvpn is dynamically generated at boot from nvram variables.
    well i figure ive got a bit of programming experience, and alot of linux knowledge, so ill try my hand at compiling a custom bin (with an extra option on the web interface for openvpn tunnel device). after downloading the source and doing several grep's to find the script that generates the /tmp/openvpn/openvpn.conf file, it doesnt seem to exist. all i got back was matches on a couple binary files.
    So i have to ask a couple questions now; where is the source to these files? is this a violation of the gpl to not include them?
    the whole experience has left me very confused and no closer to a real solution than before.
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