OpenVPN: most hosts accessible, other not

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by arnoldus, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. arnoldus

    arnoldus Serious Server Member

    I recently succeeded in installing OpenVPN on Tomato on a WRT54GL.
    It is configured as a TAP. I get IP address by DHCP, same range as other hosts.
    I can connect, my traffic is directed over the connection, and I can see all hosts (router, the tomato vpn/access point, network printer and terminals).

    Except, the main reason for the VPN: seeing the video feeds on a security device has not been succesful.
    I can neither ping the device, see its web interface (port 80), or its video interface (ports 53700+).
    All clients on the LAN can do those things without problem.

    As a TAP should be equivalent to plugging a cable into a LAN switch, why does it not work?
    What kind of troubleshooting can I do?
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