OpenVPN - only one client possile

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by onlineuser, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. onlineuser

    onlineuser LI Guru Member

    OpenVPN - only one client is able to connect!?


    here my server.conf:
    port 1194
    proto tcp
    dev tap0
    -clients 10
    Then I start my server but at the same time only one client can logon to the server. The client who tries first, get the VPN connection. Are multiple clients not possible in this mode!?

    Moreover, when I have two clients which get from the eth1 interface an IP (one client gets and the second gets Is it possible that in this state (no VPN-connection) the one client can't access the second one via the eth1 interface!? Because so the clients could connect each other without having a secure connection via the server

    a lot of greetings from Austria.
  2. onlineuser

    onlineuser LI Guru Member

    oh, in udp mode it works that more clients can connect but only the last one who connects have access to the bridged eth0 network.

    But how can I manage the problem when none lcient or some clients are logged in that the Router doesn't let to communicate the clients each other (for example a publicated directory over port 445).

    One more question:

    How can I block that noone can access the webif which also runs on eth1 ( The webif only should be opened when he comes from br0 adapter and not from the wlan. (ok solved: deny requests from eth1 subnet )

    a lot of greetings from Austria.
  3. onlineuser

    onlineuser LI Guru Member

    noone an idea??????
  4. onlineuser

    onlineuser LI Guru Member

    problem solved: multiple clients only are possible when using certificates. when using static keyfile only one client can connect. :)
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