OpenVPN wrt54g as a client to osx server host

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by bhatsau, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. bhatsau

    bhatsau LI Guru Member

    I posted this in the general networking section first, but then i thought it might be better in this section...

    I just changed the firmware from my Linksys wrt54g from factory to dd-wrt version 23_2 with vpn (this part is done successfully). Next, I read all the instructions on what to do to setup the OpenVPN on dd-wrt's wiki's and tried to search here as well but it didn't make sense to me.

    My friend has a remote mac osx server that is running as the vpn server. i guess i want to try to bridge to that network at my house with my linksys router acting as the vpn client (so that anything that connects to my router is automatically on the same network). But the only info. that server gives me to connect is a server address, account name and password. Where do i input this information into my dd-wrt router? i went to "enable openvpn client" on my router and it didn't make sense to me. Would anyone be able to explain to me what i need to do? Thanks.
  2. DoC_DaR

    DoC_DaR Network Guru Member

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