OpenWrt Kamikaze 8.09 Released

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    OpenWrt has released Kamikaze 8.09

    Changes from RC2 to 8.09:
    * Fixes for LuCI
    * More toolchain fixes for PowerPC
    * A small madwifi bugfix
    * Tx power handling fixes for multiple 802.11 drivers
    * Firewall fixes

    Changes from RC1 to RC2:
    * Stability fixes for MadWiFi
    * Firewall fixes
    * Lots of package updates
    * PPPoE hotplug fixes
    * Atheros AR231x ethernet driver fixes
    * PowerPC fixes
    * ADM5120 support for both little and big endian
    * AVR32 compiler upgrade
    * Fixes for Broadcom 2.4 (stability, support for fixed bssid in ad-hoc mode)
    * Improved ethernet driver performance for Broadcom 47xx (Linux 2.4 and 2.6)

    List of major changes from 7.09 to 8.09:
    * Busybox upgraded to 1.11.2
    * Kernel upgrades for all targets
    * uClibc upgraded to 0.9.29
    * Firewall rewrite, fully modular netfilter/iptables support
    - Syntax of /etc/config/firewall converted to UCI
    * ipkg package manager replaced with opkg
    - package lists moved to ramdisk, lists are not retained between reboots.
    - `opkg update' must be run after each reboot before new packages are installed
    * Broadcom 47xx running reliably with the new Kernel, including b43 wireless driver
    - WEP, WDS and multi-SSID not yet supported
    - AP mode and STA mode are supported with WPA, WPA2, or no encryption
    * IMQ and Traffic shaping fixed with newer kernels (2.6.25+)
    * Sysupgrade for x86, broadcom and adm5120
    * New web interface (LuCI, Lua Configuration Interface)
    * New HAL and driver for Atheros based WiFi cards
    * Attention towards the integration of security updates
    * Build system cleanup
    * Package maintaining and updates between releases

    List of known issues:
    * The b43 driver included in 8.09 is still not fully stable,
    so it's not suitable for production use yet.
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