OpenWrt RC6 - The End of White Russian

Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by Bill_MI, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. Bill_MI

    Bill_MI Network Guru Member

    OpenWrt stable branch (White Russian) had to handle their bleeding edge group (Kamikaze) going in such an incompatible direction the only solution was to stop White Russian and start a stable branch of Kamikaze (yet to be born, but coming).

    This means RC6 will be it for White Russian.

    I'm surprised more here aren't talking OpenWrt. I've found NOTHING as lean and fast although I haven't tried many since they've been squeezed into 2MB of FLASH. :)
  2. Yasha613

    Yasha613 Network Guru Member

    I use it, now.

    I'm fairly sure the reason it's not talked about more here is that it requires far too much configuration to function right for someone who isn't a linux uber-guru.

    The latest project to be done, x-wrt(webif overlay) tries to end that, does a decent, if not perfect job of it right now, hoping they continue with it.
  3. thepeople

    thepeople LI Guru Member

    We are working on a kamikaze version of the webif, we should have a working kamikaze version out in the near future.
  4. Yasha613

    Yasha613 Network Guru Member

    Yeah, noticed that in your forums over at, once kamikaze is a bit more stable I can't wait to move over to it. RC6 with your x-wrt install is working great with my 3 routers.

    Managed to stuff everything I needed and wanted onto even my WHR-HP-G54 with the latest openwrt firmware builder on your ftp/download page. QOS, openvpn server, vsftp server, dropbear external access with keyfile only, etc..
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