openWRT to DD-WRT Linksys firmare upgrade HELP - Am I'M BRICKED?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by sfx70, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. sfx70

    sfx70 Guest

    Got a WRT54GS v5 and I wanted to revert back to the linksys firmware. I went through the DD-WRT (v23sp2) web GUI and uploaded dd-wrt.v23_wrtgsV5V6-revert-MAC.bin. I was under the impression this will revert back the router to its initial firmware.. Well it didn't.

    Now my router is openWRT RC5 and I don't have any web GUI to upload the proper firmware. I tried with both tftp.exe (windows) and linksys tftp but both cannot connect to the router - unable to get response from server. I can ping just fine and I can connect to the router just fine. I can telnet to it etc.. and I'm getting openWRT as I am telneting

    How do I go from here to the linksys firmware?
  2. Dikta-BOY

    Dikta-BOY LI Guru Member

    i have same problem...HELP..?? :(
    WRT54GS v6 from DD-WRT v24 to open WRT...
    now i want back to DDWRT :(
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