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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Stefano, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. Stefano

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    I've got a WRT54G and four old-fashioned wire lath and plaster walls to go through to get to my home office. I've seen mention of being able to set the output power higher, and wondered about the pros and cons of doing that (legality, heat problems, ?), as well as the pros and cons of alternate firmware if that is required to set the power higher. Or should I just make a couple of those cardboard and foil reflectors and see if the gain is enough to improve the signal?
  2. MadBob

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    Stefano I had terrible power problems with the latest linksys firmware. Have installed wifi-box/ file and set the power to max. Problem solved. I have a 19 century three floor victorian house good signal all over now.
  3. pharma

    pharma Network Guru Member

  4. Stefano

    Stefano Network Guru Member

    Thanks, guys - I don't have any need for the changes in the Linksys v.2.04.3 so I'll stick with 2.02.7 - unless one of the 3rd party firmweare products would let me get a safe power boost.

    I've got some foil lined cardboard Trader Joes coffee cans, in place of Pringles, so I'll try a couple simple parabolic reflectors and see how much it helps.

    I got an office reading at 60% today - seems to be OK, if a little slow moving files. What is a practical minimum?
  5. Stefano

    Stefano Network Guru Member


    I built the X12 parabolic reflector design from <www.freeantennas.com> and put it on one of the WRT54G''s antennae. In my office, 50 feet and four wire lath and heavy plaster walls away from the router, signal strength went from in the 40s to low 60s, to a steady 81%, according to the (admittedly crude) Linksys status page for WET54G bridge feeding the old 5 port switch there. I'll have to get NetStumbler set up.

    Just printed out the drawing, scaling it to max out on the available material from a Trader Joes Keny AA cofee bean can. The heavy card has foil both inside and outside. The only problem was the cover stock brace isn't really strong enough to hold the heavy and recalcitrant formerly cylindrical foil covered plastic firmly in place. May have to build one [brace] from heavy corrugated stock or rigid foam or such. But for an hour's work (not counting time for the silicone sealer glue to set up) and no expenditure, such a deal!
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