P2P connection lost on SP1, v23 runs fine

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by sebekz, Jul 19, 2006.

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    I have been using WRT54Gv2.2 with v23 (11/14/05) for some time. I have just purchased a brand new (not used) WRT54GSv.4 and equipped it with v23 SP1 Final (05/16/06) std. I wanted to use the new router at home, and install the old v.2.2 router in other location.

    I flashed the GSv.4 to v23 SP1 Final (05/16/06) std as usually, according to official instructions from wiki and configured it for my PPPoE. Additional configurations are boosting transmit power to 35mW and P2P settings to 4096 connections and TCP/UDP timeouts to 120 seconds, WEP wireless, port forwarding for P2P, DHCP disabled. The settings are pretty much the same on the old v.2.2 and new v.4 routers.

    I decided to test the new GSv.4 router under a small P2P load. I launched eMule on my desktop (XP, router connection via wire - _not_ wireless, static IP) and I discovered, that every few minutes eMule loses the connection with the error message "Connection lost" and log entry "Lost connection to SERVER_NAME". The top load that I was able to see on the router was:

    Total Available 86% 14072 kB / 16384 kB
    Free 31% 4340 kB / 14072 kB
    Used 69% 9732 kB / 14072 kB
    Buffers 14% 1332 kB / 9732 kB
    Cached 41% 3976 kB / 9732 kB
    Active 33% 3256 kB / 9732 kB
    Inactive 21% 2072 kB / 9732 kB

    IP Filter Maximum Ports 4096
    Active IP Connections 9% 386

    I have also discovered, that the DD-WRT GUI is veeeeery sloooow (it takes a few seconds to load a page).

    I switched back to the old Gv.2.2 router and it runs without problems (as it used to for a long time)

    So - all is fine on WRT54Gv2.2 with v23 (11/14/05)
    Something is wrong on WRT54GSv.4 with v23 SP1 Final (05/16/06) std
    As I said previously, the router settings are pretty much the same.

    I would appreciate your help. If the new router is faulty, I would have to send it back for replacement ASAP.
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