P2P QOS in Thibor 14

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by sbug, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. sbug

    sbug Network Guru Member

    I'm happy to see Thibor added the P2P QOS functions into the latest firmwares. Just wondering how the P2P apps are recognized using this? Are you simply using the default ports or something more intelligent? I'm wondering since I don't use the standard ports and thus would I have to manually enter QOS settings instead of using these new built in ones.

    Secondly, do I need to have the QOS packet scheduler installed on my network device in order for the router's QOS to work?

  2. purephase

    purephase Network Guru Member

    I believe they're using L7 filters (application layer) so port numbers are irrelevant. Unless encrypted, the QoS filters should be able to what protocols are in use and rate traffic accordingly.

    I don't understand your second question. Are you asking whether you need a packet scheduler on any of the networked devices attached to the router? If so, then no you don't. It's all handled by the router.
  3. dagnasty

    dagnasty Network Guru Member


    Analyzing each packet? Sounds like it should use a considerable amount of CPU time.

    Does anyone happen to know if ISPs actively monitor and keep statistics of this information?
  4. sbug

    sbug Network Guru Member

    Thanks Purephase, that's exactly what I needed to know.

    Yep ISPs do monitor their packet traffic, some even go so far to block or slow down "undesirable" traffic (ie. P2P). Basically an ISP level QOS.
  5. dagnasty

    dagnasty Network Guru Member

    Are there any p2p applications that send packets in a way to trick these packet scanners into not recognizing them as typical p2p packets? What about these packets set them apart from others?
  6. sbug

    sbug Network Guru Member

    New versions of Azureus and uTorrent support packet encryption to try and get around "traffic shapers". However not everyone has these new versions and encryption isn't turned on by default. If you force encryption you'll get slow speeds because there's not enough seeders using the encryption or you can let it fall back to no encryption if it can't find it but then you'll be affected by possible ISP traffic shaping. Easier to just switch to a ISP that doesn't block ports or throttle traffic.
  7. dagnasty

    dagnasty Network Guru Member

    It should have been defined in the original bittorrent protocol
  8. itsmeohmy

    itsmeohmy Network Guru Member


    dont thinks its L7,

    hav u ever read the changelog ?

  9. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    i don't use l7, p2p qos is performed using ipp2p
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