Packet loss between WRT54G v2 and Airport Express

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by Pinkerton9975, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. Pinkerton9975

    Pinkerton9975 Network Guru Member

    Here is my set up:

    INTERNET->CABLE MODEM->AIRPORT EXPRESS <-----wireless bridge----->WRT54G v2 (with two wired clients connected to WRT)

    I am running Satori 4.0

    about every 5 minutes, the wired connections seem to time out - AIM goes down on both machines, and I need to request a web page (or any network activity will do it) to reconnect out to the internet.

    I left a ping running to the gateway (Airport Express, on one machine to keep it active, and the connection has held.

    The Airport Express is set up for WDS with the MAC of the Linksys, which is all it needs, I set up the Linksys with the usual WDS/AP client and all the features needed turned on/off (firewall, anonymous, DHCP disabled)

    Do I need to have both AP client and WDS running on the linksys?

    The wireless laptop connection I also have to the Aiport Express base station never has an issue timing out, only the wired clients on the linksys.

    What would be causing this time out? Any help would be great appreciated.
  2. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    I can't be sure how you have things setup from the way you've worded it but you want to make sure that the Linksys is configured in AP mode, not Client mode! (On the Basic Wireless Settings page.) Satori can only support a single wired client when in Client mode.

    Next Lazy WDS should be enabled if you are only configuring the MAC address on the Airport Express. (Lazy WDS is supposed to allow incoming WDS connections from any MAC address. I say should because I couldn't get it working with a Belkin F5D7130, although that may have been a problem with the Belkin.)

    If you're still having problems I would definitely try enabling a LAN WDS connection on the Linksys and putting in the MAC address of the Airport Express. (Which means you can disable Lazy WDS.)

    Also I would consider disabling any software firewalls you may have running on the PC's during testing.

    Good Luck, let us know if you figure out what the problem is.
  3. Pinkerton9975

    Pinkerton9975 Network Guru Member

    Set up and trying AP mode

    Thanks for the quick response!

    As for my IP settings:

    Internet - > Airport Express (<---wireless--->Linksys WRT54G ( - >wired clients (, 25)

    I tried to change the linksys to AP mode from Client mode in the basic wireless settings - I am not able to make a connection from either wired client when I do this. I can change from P2P or LAN, this does not seem to make a difference either.

    I have the MAC address of the Aiport (WDS tab with Airport admin) on the linksys and vice versa under the Wireless-WDS tab

    I tried toggling Lazy WDS, it did not make a difference,

    Both routers have the same SSID, just to note - I have heard it can cause a similar problem

    it just appears that AP mode on the linksys wont work at all with the airport express, and Client only allows one wired client at at time, which would explain why the two wired clients keep timing out when they are both trying to access the internet.

    Let me know if this information stirs up any ideas - Id love to get it solid and not have to end up:

    A.) getting wireless cards for both computers (more money - yuck)
    B.) running a nice ugly wire right down the hall

  4. Pinkerton9975

    Pinkerton9975 Network Guru Member

    Had a tip about making sure the MAC address used was for the wireless MAC - found in the router and not on the underside of the device - possibly some RTFM - but took me a while to find the right info - so thats what it was - as soon as I changed to AP mode and made sure the correct MAC address of the WIRELESS MAC from the Linksys was in the Aiport Express under the WDS tab, all worked fine, and still is - hours now with no dropouts, so I think its good - next step it to add WEP - thanks for the tips earlier!

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