Packet loss setting up WRT54G v2/Satrori 4.0 Router<->

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by darthcuddles, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. darthcuddles

    darthcuddles Network Guru Member


    Cable Modem -> WRT54G (Linksys FW 3.03.6) -----wireless---------WRT54G bridge (Satori 4.0 v2.07.1.7) -> one ethernet port used for laptop

    I've got two WRT54Gs one with the Linksys firmware (V3.03.6) which is my router and the other with Satori-4.0 v2.01.1.7 (latest) that I am tring to configure as a bridge. WRT used as router has hardware v2.2 and bridge has v2.

    The bridge seems to be connecting to the router since the wireless/status page shows the AP rssi -40 noise -89. The problem I'm having is that when I ping either WRT from the other side of the wireless connection I get 75% or 100% packet loss. Both WRTs are about 15ft from each other. I'm in mixed mode on both sides with all the security off but still have almost total packet loss. I know both WRTs work since I've used them wirelessly as a router to test them.

    IP address of bridge is with router Gateway on bridge is set to I've changed the singal strength from 10 to 80 on the bridge with no change.

    I know a bunch of folks have got this working so has anyone seen this before or have an idea of where I went astray?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. linksysonline

    linksysonline Network Guru Member

    When you did the firmware upgrade did you do the hard reset?
  3. darthcuddles

    darthcuddles Network Guru Member

    I've done several hard resets (holding reset in for 30 secs or so with power on). I then change the default settings and the IP address of the bridge to match the network settings of the router. Should I try reloading the Firmware and do another hard reset and see how that goes?

    I thought there might be an issue with using Satori in the client and Linksys firmware in the router. I know there's some simple step I'm missing somewhere but I can't figure out what it is......
  4. darthcuddles

    darthcuddles Network Guru Member

    I solved some of my problem. Just to start with a clean slate I reloaded the latest Linksys firmware on the WRT54G. This time around I used the tftp program in the utilities section of the site to do the firmware update since on the Sveasoft site it said that the web flash might be unstable. I used these steps:

    1. I restored the default settings and did a hard reset before and after flashing with the Linksys firmware.
    2. I renamed the Satori firmware file to 'code.bin' per the instructions on the Sveasoft site.
    3. Using tftp I enter in the ip address, password and file name for the firmware upgrade and flashed the 54G.
    4. After the flash was complete I did a "restore default settings" again, and another hard reset.
    5. I changed the IP address on the bridge to since I was using
    6. I Set the gateway on the bridge to
    7. Unplugged the bridge for about 15 secs and plugged it back in.

    That last step was the key and then it worked. Currently it works fine with no security but I can't get to the internet or get an IP address from the router from the bridge side if I enable WPA. If I get that working I'll post an update.
  5. darthcuddles

    darthcuddles Network Guru Member

    More progress:

    Got WEP security and the MAC access filter working on both ends but for some reason I still can't get to the internet from the bridge side using WPA. If any gurus can make a suggestion to get this to work it would be apprecitated.

    The experienced folks may be aware of this but for those of us who are new when you are setting up the MAC filter use the 'wireless MAC address' on the status-wireless page of the bridge when editing the routers MAC filter. I also put the routers wireless MAC address in the bridge's filter.

    It is easy to get confused because on the status page under ROUTER you have the MAC address of the router, under Local Network you see the MAC address for the LAN ports and on the Wireless page you have Wireless MAC. On my router these differ from each other by one hex number.
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