Packet Loss With WRT54G V3 (or 4) Detailed Post.

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by CypheCommander, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. Hi, First off I'm new and would like to say i'm very impressed with this community. That said.....

    Here is the story.
    My Network:

    Comcast Internet ->
    Motorola sb5120->
    Linksys wrt54g v3(or 4 lets assume 3)
    :port 1 - Generic Netgear 18 port Switch
    *Port 1 - Vonage VOIP device
    :port 2 - comp
    :port 3 - comp
    :port 4 - empty
    :Wireless - 1 computer about 15 feet away in next room


    Vonage; Torrents; and the stock firmware = pain so i upgraded to thibors' HyperWRT. Enabled QOS so that the vonage MAC address has highest, manually set my upload to 380 (I hate comcast) set torrent ports to low, http and DNS to high.Now vonage and utorrent work GREAT; HOWEVER I Started getting wireless packet loss in games (unable to test with wired to see if its general packet loss but im assuming its just wireless based on various other packet loss which is not present on the wired conenctions. Set Game ports to medium and high. Still packet loss. BTW packet loss not present in stock firmware with games.

    I decided perhaps HyperWRT just wasn't what i needed. I changed to the latest Tomato Build. Aqain QOS vonage to highest torretn low, Games medium. The packet loss remains. I am not to familiar with the more advanced wireless settings so it may be in there but im stumped. Any insite would be appreciated.

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