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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by rupture, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. rupture

    rupture Network Guru Member

    Hi there,

    I've got a quick question I am hoping someone can address for me. I am currently running a WRT54GS router with DD-WRT 2.3 SP1 Beta firmware installed. I've got two 9dbi antennas attached to the router and are using a Linksys WMP54GS Wireless card with stock antenna.

    My question is regarding possible packet loss. How normal is packet loss for a wireless connection? I look under the "Status" tab and then under "Wireless" and am shocked to see 10 000+ errors on the transmitted (TX) side but none on the receive side. Is this normal? The router has only been up for about a day and a half.
  2. rupture

    rupture Network Guru Member

  3. DoC_DaR

    DoC_DaR Network Guru Member

    Look around for another wireless device on the same channel as you. If their is a wireless AP in your range and not traffic for your router, it will show up as errors. If you are not aware of methods to locate other wireless AP's in your range, just change your channel and see what happens. Good Luck.
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