Patched WMP54G v4.1 Drivers

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by milk12345, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. milk12345

    milk12345 Guest

    Hi All. I've been having no end of grief with the Linksys WMP54G v4.1 PCI card randomly disconnecting / blue screening during the night. So much so that I decided to take matters into my own hands. This card uses the Ralink RT61 chipset. Whilst Linksys haven't bothered to update their drivers since 2005, Ralink provided updated drivers for this chipset as recently as 2007. The Ralink drivers are at version but unfortunately the INF file doesn't cater for the Linksys card. What I done was copied the entries from the Linksys INF file over to the Ralink INF file. I've been using the modified drivers for over 24 hours now and I've had no disconnects and no blue screens! Details are as follows:

    Operating System: 98/ME/2K/XP
    Card: Linksys Wireless G PCI Adapter WMP54G v4.1 (HAS to be v4.1 card for drivers to work)

    Getting the drivers installed was a bit of a pain. I had to go through this process:

    1. Uninstall wireless driver through device manager (I didn't bother restarting after that)
    2. Delete the file C:->WINDOWS ->system32->drivers->rt61.sys
    3. Back in the device manager select Action->Scan for hardware changes
    4. The add new hardware wizard should start
    5. Select "Install From a list or specific location (Advanced) & press next
    6. Select "don't search. I will choose the driver to install" & press next
    7. Press the "Have Disk" button
    8. Press the browse button and navigate to where the updated drivers are
    9. Press next and install the drivers

    You can check if it's worked by right clicking on the wireless adapter in device manager, go to properties then select the driver tab. If the driver version is showing it's worked properly (

    I've uploaded the patched drivers to a few sites:;12593439;/fileinfo.html

    For the paranoid out there, you can give them a scan using (scans them using 37 different virus scanners). They come up clean :)

    Post any feedback you might have.
  2. totomoto

    totomoto Guest

    I succesfully updated driver. I am yet to see if my problem with dropouts is solved. But unfortunately I have to say that my Rx rate is significantly worse than it was. I usually had 48 mbps and now it is 11 mbps with constant drops to 1mpbs :(
  3. wasp87

    wasp87 Network Guru Member

    the Ralink RT61 drivers with utility work fine for me....... on a v4.1 card.

    Running card's this way on Vista 32, 64, and XP 32.
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