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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by LevelB, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. LevelB

    LevelB Network Guru Member

    My problem is somewhat similar to Thom_D.

    I have 3 PCs (A, B, and C) an NSLU2 with a WRT54G, and am having trouble enabling file and printer sharing.

    PC A and the NSLU2 are connected to the router by a cable - they can see each other just fine, etc.

    PCs B and C have wireless connections. They can see each other just fine also, but they cannot communicate with A or the NSLU2. And A and the NSLU2 cannot communicate with them either.

    If I "View workgroup computers" from either A, B, or C, all 4 devices are visible. But if I try to open the computer, or "Add a network place", I get the blah, blah, blah not accessible, blah, blah contact the administrator, blah, blah, The network path was not found.

    All PCs are running XPSP2 (Pro) with NetBios enabled over the TCP/IP and the SP2 firewall disabled. Security mode is WPA-PSK.

    The firmware is Sartori 4.0 - and my grief started when I flashed my bios last night with this new firmware. I did reset (15 seconds) after the flash then re-entered my settings with the above results.

    Sorry if this post is confusing - but I AM confused..

    Any help is greatly appreciated (but remember I really am a noob). Thanks.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    if loopback (management) is enabled try disabling it
  3. LevelB

    LevelB Network Guru Member

    That seems to be working!

    Thank you, Simon.

    Time will tell, but it is definitely working now.

  4. turnaway1

    turnaway1 Network Guru Member


    First time I accessed NSLU2 I got the login box, type admin+pwd and was able to see, map and use NSLU2 storage. But only first time. Ia a later session I got the same "blah, blah", went to the second pc and was
    successful, but only the first time. And so on. Now my data seems to be well stored, but I cannot access NSLU2 any more!?

    Can NSLU2 only be used by one user at a time? Is there some IP, Windows domain vs. Workgroup granting or account nonsense around?

    Your help is really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. turnaway1

    turnaway1 Network Guru Member

    NSLU2 shared under Windows Networking

    Sorry, I forgot to add my network situation in my posting:

    1 Server PIII 500, 512Mb, Win3K DC, with AD, DHCP, DNS, IIS
    1 PC PIII 600, 512MB, WXP SP2,
    1 PC AMD 1600, 512MB, WXP SP2,
    1 PC AMD 3000+, 1 GB, WXP SP2,
    (All PCs secured by PC Cillin 12 incl FW)
    100 MBIt EtherNet with noname switch,
    1 NAS: NSLU2 with MaxStore 250 GB,
    iNet via ISN, Cisco 801 router.

    NAS can be reached via http without problem, Setup program needed some intranet/local firewall config changes.
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