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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by lawyerz, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. lawyerz

    lawyerz Addicted to LI Member

    Hi Im new!

    Yes I've scrolled through the forums and found alot of ways regarding QoS and the 'generator script' that limits the bandwidth of one.

    However, what I'm looking for is a combination of both bandwidth monitoring per person for peak and off-peak hours, and then after crossing a certain threshold, he/she will be automatically throttled to a certain speed for the period he/she exceeded!

    I know it may be asking the impossible, but if anyone got any suggestions to anything even close to it, shoot away please!

  2. seaweedsteve

    seaweedsteve Guest

    I'm interested in this too, we have satellite internet and 9 users - avoiding CAP/FAP penalties is critical.

    I've been looking around, and it seems there are few cheap solutions besides a dedicated linux router pc.

    For monitoring in DD-WRT, we have Rflow/ MACupd. Rflow Collector does give the basic monitoring per client that I need. It's rough, but it works. It also connects to my SQL. I don't have the database thing figured out yet at all, but should do that.

    For controlling, I'm just looking into windows software - NetLimiter - it appears to allow one to do remote monitoring and possibly limiting of each pc in detail by running netlimiter on each of their machines as well as yours.

    I don't think Netlimiter has a way to set a throttle triggered by accumulated use, but I could perhaps do it manually.

    I'd like to know about a "generator script" is that for DD-WRT or Open WRT?

  3. AF35

    AF35 LI Guru Member

    a long discussed thread

    above is your short answer.

    a lazy way of doing bandwidth control is to look for hotspot ipkg. you might find a good hotspot package that suits your need.

    as for wrt54g script generator, you can google for the file. it's just a lazy way to generate iptable scripts.
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