Periodic Connection Drops

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Rankin357, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. Rankin357

    Rankin357 LI Guru Member

    For 2 weeks i have been tinkering with my network because it is so very unstable, i am using a Linksys Bef11s4 ? wireless router in the main room of my house which is WIRED to my mom's Pc and Xbox360, (Those are stable connections) now upstairs i have a USB D-LINK dwl-g120 wireless pluggin (rectangle unit with a rectangle antenna) which i get 4/5 to 5/5 bars of signal strength. and good speed, anyways at random times which could be every 10 mins or every hour it will just have a connection "fart" where it will drop for a second and reconnect, now i play online games where this is my worst nightmare to drop randomly at any time. so this is what i have done.

    BTW - I run Windows XP with SP2 on each PC

    I have changed the redial timer,
    i have downloaded the hotfix patch for SP2 (did nothing)
    have played with the windows zero config.
    HAVE power cycled many times.
    Downloaded/installed driver updates
    Upgraded the firmware.
    played with many settings
    <incert here = P >

    I know this isnt my ISP because its just affecting my upstairs PC and nothing else, i remember using wireless a few years ago and it ran great and now getting back into it just recently when i moved my PC upstairs its been a nightmare to do anything other than surf the net.

    Ps - Sorry for gram. and spelling.
  2. blerner

    blerner Guest

    Had same random disconnects which started yesterday.

    Called Linksys support and they had me update the firmware on my Linksys router and still had trouble.

    I then took a shot and did a system restore to several days prior to the current date and all started working again.

    I also view the available networks and now noticed that there was some one else in the range of my router. I therefore changed the channel from the default "6" to Channel 11.

    Channels 1,6 and 11 do not interfer with each other.

    The reason for the system restore is I use McAfee antivirus and I have had other issuesafter their (McAfee) AUTO UPDATES.

    For sure, if you use McAfee, I would suggest a system restore.

    Good Luck
  3. Rankin357

    Rankin357 LI Guru Member

    = / hrmm, well i dont have any Anti virus programs at all, its just plain windows with its firewall which i have turned off and on to see any differences, still dropping a lot though.
  4. Fast_Eddy

    Fast_Eddy LI Guru Member

    This could be an interference problem. Since it's random, things to look for are:
    other wireless networks close to you, cordless phones that operate in the 2.4GHz band, (and the biggie) microwave ovens!

    And BTW, you should be running some sort of anti-virus program... If cost is an issue, consider the AVG free edition (for personal use only).
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