Ping broadcast from LAN to Wireless (WRT54GS)

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by Tonytheloony, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. Tonytheloony

    Tonytheloony Network Guru Member

    I've been unable to broadcast ping between computers on the wireless and LAN interface when in gateway mode. The router doesn't seem to forward broadcast packets.
    Both PC's are on the same subnet ( and have static IP addresses ( and If I ping I will get a response from the router ( and the localhost.
    I haven't tried between two PC's on the same LAN.
    Is there any way to make this work? I've had to resort to using a wins server with samba to enable shares browsing since netbios packets aren't being broadcasted.
    Any help or information as to why this doesn't work will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hubasan

    Hubasan Network Guru Member


    I have tried to ping broadcast address from my laptop that is wirelessly connected to my LAN and got the same problem. It gives request timed out error.
    In my previous post that you can find here:
    ...we were discussing the problem of forwarding UDP traffic to the broadcast address. It just doesn't work.

    However, my share browsing works between my Laptop (wireless) and my desktop PC, even tho they are in different workgroups. They are on the same subnet.
    It would be a good idea to post your Router's hardware version and what firmware you are using. This is always usefull. That way people can identify on which hadware the problem is likely to happen.
  3. Toril

    Toril Network Guru Member

    How are you browsing? By name or IP? I always browse by ip and never have a problem.

    Try this on the command line:

    cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/icmp_echo_ignore_broadcasts

    If it's 1 it's enabled ... note though, this would account for icmp echoes (pings) but not netbios traffic. Remember too, the wired and wireless interfaces on the WRT are two different interfaces... brought together in the linux bridging code ... perhaps there's a bridge command to enable what you want to do. Typically broadcast pings are bad because I could ping 20 machines on your network and cause all kinds of lovely floods.

    Just food for thought. I always browse for other machines by their dhcp-static-entry enabled IPs...
  4. Tonytheloony

    Tonytheloony Network Guru Member

    Thanks to both of you for your replies.

    Hubasan: I'm using the first hardware revision of the WRT54GS with the Sveasoft Satori firmware. I'll have a look at your thread.

    I'm able to browse by IP, but I really wanted to be able to view the computer names in "My network Places" under Windows XP (and with Nautilus file browser under linux). The default name resolution method is netbios packets broadcast. It's not really a big deal since using a samba wins server allows me to do this (althought it's a little annoying to keep a PC permanently turned on at home).
    I was more or less wondering if it would be easy to bridge the two interfaces (I'm not worried about broadcast floods on the LAN side, since I'm the only user )

    BTW, does anyone know why switching the router's operating mode from gateway to RIP2 will enable broadcasts between LAN and WIFI ?
  5. m2r

    m2r Guest

    Make sure that "loopback" is DISABLED or you can only browse by IP. For some reason, this is enabled by default when you flash, and it was an annoying troubleshooting step for those of us who have MSFT environments.
  6. Tonytheloony

    Tonytheloony Network Guru Member

    Great it worked, Thanks a lot!
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