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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by zillah, Mar 18, 2005.

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  1. zillah

    zillah Network Guru Member

    I have got this scenario.

    I have got my laptop with ADSL connection via LinkSys WAG54G, and My desktop PC with dialup connection .

    From both PCs I can ping any sites on the net, but when I try to ping each other I could not (from PC to laptop, and from laptop to PC), I do not have any firewall on both PC, though I tried to ping gateway for linksys router from the desktop PC, I could not.!!!!

    Is there any setting I have to be aware of it?
  2. Jogobo

    Jogobo Network Guru Member

    What's your exact setup (IP adresses, netmask, gateways)?
  3. zillah

    zillah Network Guru Member

    The real IP setup similar to
  4. Jogobo

    Jogobo Network Guru Member

    How are laptop and WAG54G connected, wireless or cable? Does the WAG54G act as a dhcp server? What IP address (LAN) has the WAG54G, what IP address has the laptop (LAN or WLAN)?
    Does your PC have a NIC? If yes, what IP address is assigned to this NIC? If not, how do you want to connect laptop with PC?

    Did you mess with the default settings without knowing what you were doing?
  5. zillah

    zillah Network Guru Member



    PC and laptop connect to router wireless and they have private IP addresses calss C 192.168.0.x (assigned by router dynamically), the router also has private ip address same network.

    Of course it does have NIC (wireless as I mentioned above).

    No, I have not touch the default configuration
  6. Jogobo

    Jogobo Network Guru Member

    If you have only one PC or laptop running, can either of them ping the WAG54G? Can the WAG ping PC/laptop (web interface, Administration/Diagnostic)?

    Normally your setup is "out of the box" and should run at once. PING <IP address> should work in any case. Any security features enabled you did not mention yet?
  7. zillah

    zillah Network Guru Member

    yes i can from PC to the router, and from the router to PC.

    As far as I know, nothing enabled
  8. Jogobo

    Jogobo Network Guru Member

    So it looks like your laptop is the problem. What's different with its setup?
  9. zillah

    zillah Network Guru Member

    I do not think so, because I can ping the router and the router can ping the laptop as well, as I said in my previous reply:

    I meant by PC here both desktop and laptop.
  10. Jogobo

    Jogobo Network Guru Member

    Can you post the results of the pings from PC to laptop and laptop to PC as well as the result of "ipconfig /all" on both machines?
    And what are the results of "tracert <laptop IP>" on the PC and "tracert <PC IP>" on the laptop?
  11. zillah

    zillah Network Guru Member

    I made a terrible mess, when you asked me :

    I should have answered you (first early post) that :

    but I answered (mistakely) you what normaly I do, when I connect both PC, and laptop to ADSL.

    Laptop connected to net through dial up (internal modem), and desktop connected to net through ADSL modem , two different connections.

    Desktop to ADSL wireless connection.
  12. Jogobo

    Jogobo Network Guru Member

    So, what IP addresses do you use to ping laptop or PC? Is there any local connection between laptop, PC and WAG54G?

    Did you try to ping your desktop PC from the laptop over the internet by using the IP address which is provided to the WAG54G via ADSL? I guess you should be more specific in what you want to achieve and what steps you take to achieve your goal.

    Just my 2 €-cents.
  13. zillah

    zillah Network Guru Member

    I have not used any extended ping to use specific IP address, I did normal ping.

    No there is no local connection, between laptop and desktop PC, only between desktop PC and ADSL.

    I think I mentioned my scenarion in simplest way, may be you have got another idea, I am not aware of it
  14. Jogobo

    Jogobo Network Guru Member

    Well, the answer is simple in that case. Any of your internet connections (modem or DSL) is set up not to answer incoming ping requests.
    Whereas I do not really understand why you would want to ping your local hardware over the internet instead of linking everything in a local network.

    Just my 2 €-cents.
  15. AbNormal

    AbNormal Network Guru Member

    By default, your LinkSys WAG54G is configured to NOT respond to ping requests. This "helps" to make it invisible to hackers that use computer programs to ping thousands of IPs, looking for open servers, or networks. Actually, it is to your advantage that it works this way (stealth mode)

    You CAN, if you wish, go into the web configuration of your WAG54G, and find the section Block WAN Requests, and "uncheck" the Block Anonymous Internet Requests feature (or, similar). However, you would be exposing yourself to possible problems, if you have no other security in place.

  16. zillah

    zillah Network Guru Member

    Come on, after this loooooooooooooooong discussion this is your answer!!!!!!!!!.

    Answer my question or otherwise you can say: I am sorry, I do not know.

    Suppose I asked you this question: my desktop PC at home connect to internet via ADSL, and I am at office, (I used dial up connection), and I want to check the connectivity with ADSL router (for any reason), are you going to ask me the same question ?
  17. zillah

    zillah Network Guru Member

    Thansk Abnormal

    if the ping is disabled, what should we do in case of remote administrator, do we need to unblock WAN request as well ?
  18. Jogobo

    Jogobo Network Guru Member

    Maybe you review your posts and look where you wrote anything about Office and Home.
    Why don't you just ask clearly what you want to know instead of playing hide and seek?

    Just my 2 €-cents.
  19. zillah

    zillah Network Guru Member

    It seems to me you do not respect people, be polite, I do not waste my time to play hide and seek, this forum is not the place for me to play hide and seek.
  20. Jogobo

    Jogobo Network Guru Member

    Yes, you are right. There's no time to play hide and seek. In this forum are many people who need help. You are not one of them. You're just wasting time.

    Just my 2 €-cents.
  21. zillah

    zillah Network Guru Member

    Yes you are right, you are the one how do not what is the answer, therefore you tried to ask this unwise question :

    You tried to show off that you are expert.

    See the AbNormal he figured out in few words, not like you
  22. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    Everyone is just trying to help everyone here. Please refrain from crude remarks.
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