Ping trouble and TCP Vegas

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Razor512, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Razor512

    Razor512 LI Guru Member

    I have been trying to set up the QOS using tomato, I have tried like 20 different ways of setting it up where bittorrent traffic wont cause my pings to skyrocket too much

    these are my settings

    since it seems like the QOS cant get get me low pings for high priority tasks

    If i restart the router and open bit torrent and start a few torrent downloads, they will use my full bandwidth but a test will show my pings as being 25-30 then as time goes by, even with the number of connections not increasing, when I run the speed test again, it will show higher and higher pings

    I tried enabling the TCP Vegas (network congestion control)

    but I have no idea what to set them to, theres little or no documentation on what to enter in those boxes and what the alpha, beta and gamma settings are for

    I don't really want to put a fixed bandwidth cap on my bittorrent traffic as then it will be a permanent slowdown rather i am afk or idle or not and even with a cap, even if i limit the download speed it will still cause higher pings,

    after about 10+ minutes of bit torrent use (speed remaining constant) my pings from will go from 25-30, to around 200-600

    is there anything I can do to keep my pings down
  2. phuque99

    phuque99 LI Guru Member

    Does it really matter if the pings are low and this is a perception issue? It sounds like like your ping packets are just being de-prioritized.
  3. Razor512

    Razor512 LI Guru Member

    it causes games like second life also hit like 600 ping times which makes it mostly unusable

    and theres not much of a point in even adding battlefield 2 (i had it in before but since it didn't help at all with the ping, i removed it to reduce clutter) to the list because a ping of 200 gets me kicked from the server and i get around 500ms for battlefield 2

    and it is not a cpu load problem because there generally very low and I even added a heatsink and overclocked it to 250MHz

    and no improvement
  4. spicoli

    spicoli LI Guru Member

    Funky, I've been able to seed as much as possible and my pings are usually normal (few ms higher than usual). I think you should redo your QoS settings.

    Forgot to say try to keep your bittorrent configured to one port, for better results.
  5. Razor512

    Razor512 LI Guru Member

    the ping problems mostly happen when I am uploading and downloading at the same time, especially if the download is going at a relatively quick pace even if it is not using my full download speed, the pings will skyrocket

    the connections list will only show around 400 connections total

    are there any firmwares with a QOS feature that allows a bandwidth management that can ensure enough bandwidth and a low ping to select ports?
  6. spicoli

    spicoli LI Guru Member

    Ah well personally Comcast is often screwy with me, so I don't get to see good download speed often. As a result, I do have jumpy pings most of the time but, when its smooth and I got my torrents on, I can say QoS keeps the pings level. Granted, my download speeds won't be so high (250kb/s~ from a 6MB connect) but I can smoothly play a game.

    Personally, I have torrents in my Class E, with a cap of 70% just in case. Sometime I'll change it to 100%. Games are in High. Both are port based in my classification page, with torrents also getting the IPP2P filter. The stragglers that don't use your port would fall into here, if they are non encrypted. Lastly, I have the bulk traffic setting added, with anything that transfers more than 512kb getting shot down to E Class.

    I guess my network setup is more download based, as I have pretty much anything that uploads set to a low class.
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