pings at more that 8900 timed out

Discussion in 'MustDie Firmware' started by cconvers, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. cconvers

    cconvers Network Guru Member

    Hi, congratulations for this firmware.

    But why with the original firmware i make a ping between the 2 wap54g that i have in bridge mode works fine with -l 50000 (pings at 50000 bytes), and when I install mustdie the maximum value of the pings is 8800 ?

    there is a way to make that the ap works without limitation of the bandwidht, i mean that works with 50000 bytes ping.

    Thanks a lot
  2. cconvers

    cconvers Network Guru Member

    some tips...

    I was making some test and i found that the problem of the bandwith is only if you put the access in bridge mode.

    If you have this firmware or the original linksys Europe version in access mode, you can make pings between your computer to the access at 65000 bytes without a problem ( ping -l 65000 ), but if you are connect it by wire to one access and try to make ping to the other (previously both configured in bridge mode and 5 meters one of the other) it will only respond the pings only up to 8800 ( ping -l 7000 ).

    Thats rare no??, with the original firmware, if you are connect it to the access by wire, and make a ping of 65000 bytes to the other access previously configured as bridge mode ( ping -l 65000 ) it responds at 100ms¨130ms

    please somenone who knows a solutions for this help me !!!! I am in a big trouble because i need to work in channel 13 or 14 that is available in the Colombia Regulation, but the access that you can buy here came from the US (up to channel 11).

    Thanks a lot for reading this and for help me...

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