Playing with Software-Based Access Point

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by VreebieZ, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. VreebieZ

    VreebieZ Guest

    I read your post saying that you have success installing MAXX's modded broadcom driver for your Belkin devices;
    1. Which Belkin do you have? Standard 54g or High-speed 54g?
    2. Do you got WPA2 working properly?
    3. Do you see any options enabling SOFTAP in the user interface?

    I'm really curious in trying this software-based Access Point.
    Got any success stories?

    My efforts so far:
    1. Install latest Utility SP30382 from HP, manual update driver with edited Maxx's modded INF.
    Didn't see any WPA2 nor SoftAp options anywhere.

    2. Install SP30382a from Toxic's link, manual update driver with edited Maxx's modded INF.
    Same thing as above.

    3. Using Dell Truemobile Driver
    Won't Install. Any tips which line should I edit, so it will work with my Belkin HSM PCI/PCMCIA?
    4. Update XP WPA2 Ability from Microsoft.
    No Luck, most likely because I'm using win2k3 :p

    5. Using PCTEL Segue Softap v2.5.20.0
    * Setup verify my card online (I think via MAC? That's what I read from the XML).
    And claims that my card is not supported, therefore the installations is halted.

    Going to try:
    1. Using ZoomAir WLan AP

    Can anybody enlight me further with a detailed steps to create Software-based Access Point to work?
    Any success story utilizing Software-Based Access Point?
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    The 2 card I have are the F5D7000 and the F5D7010 they are 54g cards and not the high speed ones.

    i'll get back to you tonight for the rest as I am away to work now:(
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