Playstation 2 Network Problems

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by vector771, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. vector771

    vector771 Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I have got a wag54g acting as the router and adsl modem. Two PC's are connected to this and succesfully sharing an internet connection. However, I am having problems connecting my PS2 network adapter.

    The adapter is connected to a D-link DWL-2000AP+ which I configured as best I could when it had a wired connection to the router via a web based setup. The PS2 runs a five-step test to get the network wworking. It can pass step 1, meaning that the D-link (set as a wireless client) can access the network and connect succesfully. The next step (the one it fails) is where it tests the DNS server. I have entered the DNS codes of and as supplied by my ISP ( and as displayed on the status menu of the WAG54G web based app.

    This is really frustrating as I jave piled loads of money into the network.

    Thanks in anticipation,

  2. Pillsbury_Doughboy

    Pillsbury_Doughboy Network Guru Member

    Try setting the DNS to that of the ip of your router.
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