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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by XfrostX, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. XfrostX

    XfrostX LI Guru Member


    Everyday I'm playing Counterstrike and after about 1 hr it lags out for 30 seconds then comes back in. THis happens all the time and gets annoying. I am a Bittorrent User also. How can i configure my QOS to make it so i dont lag out. Step by Step Please . RIght now i am running DD-WRT. PLEASE HELP !

    Yeah yeah set bittorrent to the lowest, yeah i do that and it makes it worse i am doing something wrong...
  2. frenchy2k1

    frenchy2k1 LI Guru Member

    how are you connecting from your PC to your router?
    What else do you have on the network?
    Does the lag-out happens after an hour or at given times?

    If you run a series of ping from your computer to your router, what do you see?
    [ping -t] or whatever your router's IP is.
    Does it jump once in a while? You can log it and let it run for a while [ping -t > ping.log] and then look at it for any timeout.

    Do you limit the possible upload under bittorrent or do you let it use all your bandwidth? What client do you use?
  3. XfrostX

    XfrostX LI Guru Member

    Thank you For responding
    I am connected threw the wall Wired. In the wall connected is a Cable Modem to the router and a Hub to the router to allow more ethernet ports.
    It happens about after a hour
    I dont know about the Ping thing

    I do not limit my upload from 10 till 7 am then i turn it Utorrent off or keep it on at a limit of 30 kB
  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    how many connections are you allowing on bittorrent? lowering proirity s only part of the QoS you need to cap rate and amount of connections. what speed up and down do you have?
  5. frenchy2k1

    frenchy2k1 LI Guru Member

    what is your connection speed?

    Understand that even if you use QoS bittorrent is a very greedy protocol. If your bandwidth is taken, you will experience slowdown on the rest of your communications. I do the same with emule/bittorent and CSS or war3 and I do experience similar slowdowns or lag outs from time to time. If you want lag-free gaming, you need to cut down on those protocols.

    Our routers allow us to sort the upload, but with 30kB/s, you can receive easily 300kB/s of downstream on a good torrent. This kind of traffic will slow down other connections. You cannot control downstream...
  6. XfrostX

    XfrostX LI Guru Member

    I have 45kb Upload and 530 KB Download ...
  7. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    you set the limit of 30kb on bittorent on a 45kb upload speed? no wonder you lag. you should be setting the BT upload to approx 5kb at the most since you have such a low upload speed. your other critical protocols and applications that need to use the net only have 15kb left for them.
  8. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    you can with iptables
  9. GeeTek

    GeeTek Guest

    Tomato has an excellent and very flexible QOS system that controls both upload and DOWNLOAD very accurately to what you set it to.
  10. XfrostX

    XfrostX LI Guru Member

    ok toxic but i only keep it on my max upload at nite when i do not play or anything. So what do i do ? How do i set it up on dd-wrt or what firemware should i change it to if u reply in the next 30 min i will respond quickly!

    Did i Mention I am using all the ethernet ports and a hub is connected for more ports.... They are used to connect all the rooms but they arent used constantly
  11. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    lmao I actaully work for a living during the day time and sleep at 3am in the morning. :)

    you did not mention this.

    firstly I dont use ddwrt firmware, so please forgive for any thought I will explain ALL to you. if all ports are being used by devices you will need to lower either rate, or priority for the other lan ports so that the port used for gaming will have the best chance to work without being affected by the other devices that are attached.

    once this has been done then you will need to use trial and error for prioritising the BT client. this must be set to a very low setting (bulk if I can remember)

    I dont know if QoS on DD-WRT or Tomato is better, but I must say the tomato build does have some nice features including bandwidth monitoring.

    PS. make sure you QOS download Upload is set to no more than 95% of your overall download / upload speeds. if you set it to 100% then you will kill critical applications and protocols that need minor amounts of bandwidth.
  12. XfrostX

    XfrostX LI Guru Member

    So lol what do i do
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