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    I have created my own version of how to install DD-WRT/voip to a WRT54GS V2.1 based upon the more generic instructions at: I wonder if anyone would be kind enough to critique it before I start. I am particularly concerned that I flash the correct versions. I am also concerned when, if ever, I need to use TFTP vs web interface. I'm assuming I can use the GUI web interface throughout. The Notes shown below are excerpts from the referenced instructions which seem important, but are not always perfectly clear to me.

    How to install DD-WRT/voip to the Linksys WRT54GS V2.1 Router

    Also saved to hard drive

    Note: All DD-WRT versions are supported on this router

    1. Download firmware version: dd-wrt.v23_mini_generic.bin
    2.4 MB (2496 KB on HD) dated 15-09-06

    Important Note: For upgrading from the original Linksys firmware, please use
    the mini version and flash it from web interface. After this first flash you can then upgrade to any distribution of your choice. Use Generic version for flashing via web interface on all supported devices (including Linksys WRT54G/GL/GS)

    2. Perform the following prior to flashing firmware:
    a. Verify http not https interface
    b. Use IE not Firefox
    c. Exit firewall
    d. Exit antivirus
    e. Hardwired connection only
    f. Save the above referenced document to hard drive -> Done

    3. Reset router to factory defaults and Save
    4. Log onto Router GUI (blank/admin)
    5. Upgrade firmware downloaded in step 1 at Administration/Firmware Upgrade tab
    6. After Upgrade Successful message wait 5 minutes
    7. Confirm firmware upgrade is working before proceeding to next step
    8. Perform hard reset (ie, hold down reset button for 30 seconds while plugging in
    9. Download versions: dd-wrt.v23_voip_wrt54gs.bin
    3.3 MB (3389 KB on HD) dated 15-09-06

    Important Note: (The above version is) tftp versions for WRT54GS. You CAN use this to flash via web interface but do so only AFTER you have done so using the mini version. These versions were just made specifically for TFTPing to those routers.

    10. Flash the voip firmware downloaded in step 9 to router using DD-WRT http interface following steps 2-8 above
    11. Configure router (root/admin)
    Important Note: You must start to configure router from scratch. Do not try to use config files from older firmware versions. It is strongly advised that you enable the "Boot Wait" option under the "Administration" tab. This will help you recover in the future should you flash your router improperly. If you use v23 or higher the "Boot Wait" option is enabled by default.
  2. flroots

    flroots LI Guru Member

    Have performed the above steps successfully. The only modification was to note that default user name/password for DD-WRT is root/admin.
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