Please help. can't telnet to wrt54gs (HyperWRT v2.1b1)

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by azz777, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. azz777

    azz777 Network Guru Member

    my sister using wrt54gs with HyperWRT v2.1b1.
    I can log into her wrt54gs and start/stop the telnet Daemon, but when I try to telnet to it

    Connecting To xx.xx.xx.xx...Could not open connection to the host, on port 23:
    Connect failed

    when I do ps the in command shell inside wrt54gs, it shows
    PID Uid Stat Command
    1 0 S init noinitrd
    2 0 S [keventd]
    3 0 S [ksoftirqd_CPU0]
    4 0 S [kswapd]
    5 0 S [bdflush]
    6 0 S [kupdated]
    7 0 S [mtdblockd]
    56 0 S httpd -S
    3695 0 S resetbutton
    3716 0 S tftpd -s /tmp -c -l
    3726 0 S nas /tmp/nas.lan.conf /tmp/ lan
    3735 0 S /tmp/ppp/redial 20
    9074 0 S pppoecd vlan1 -u xxx -p xxx -r 1492 -t 1492 -i
    9084 0 S udhcpd /tmp/udhcpd.conf
    9088 0 S dnsmasq -h -i br0 -r /tmp/resolv.conf
    9095 0 S process_monitor
    9107 0 S upnp -D -L br0 -W ppp0
    9109 0 S cron
    16365 0 S /sbin/telnetd -l /bin/sh
    16598 0 R ps -ef

    my goal is be able to install/setup openvpn on her wrt54gs so that I can use her secured internet connection via free wifi.

    anyone knows why I cannot telent and any idea on settup up openvpn on it?
    thanks for your help in advance.
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