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Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by seven-, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. seven-

    seven- Network Guru Member

    Hello everyone. I'd appreciate any help I can get. This is my first time upgrading to a non-stock firmware.

    I have the Linksys WRT54G version 2.0 router.

    I have done some research and have decided to go with the HyperWRT firmware.

    I am currently running the stock firmware version 3.03.6.

    I want to know which version of the HyperWRT firmware is right for me.

    Should I go with the original at:

    Or should I go with tofu's or Thibor's release?

    I understand that tofu has stopped working on his version and is now recommending for everyone to upgrade to Thibor's? But thibor's version clearly states that it is not for the 54G (the one I have).

    I am really confused. What should I do? Which one should I pick when upgrading from the stock firmware?

    Also, should I reset my router configurations back to the original before upgrading the firmware? Or is it safe to upgrade while keeping my configuration in tact?

    If anyone can take the time to kindly help me out I'd apreciate it very much.

    Thanks a lot!
  2. seven-

    seven- Network Guru Member

    Well I've done some more research and here is what I have learned (please correct me if I am wrong)

    1) Both tofu's or Thibor's releases are superior to the plain HyperWRT firmware and are therfore recommended over it.

    2) Thibor will work on the 54G but Thibor himself has never actually said that. But people have been using Thibor 14 with no problems on their 54G.

    3) I can upgrade from stock to the tofu 13c, but not from stock to the thibor 14.

    4) If I want to use Thibor 14 on my 54G I have to first go from stock to tofu13c and then from tofu13c to thibor 14.

    Please let me know if anything I stated above is wrong.

    Also, I am thinking of just sticking with tofu 13c for now until Thibor releases a version that he states will work for the 54G. Is that a good idea? Is there anything wrong with tofu 13c that would make it necesary for me to upgrade to thibor 14 right away?

    Also, should I reset my router configurations before upgrading from stock to tofu 13c or is it safe to keep my settings and not have to start from scratch? Which is the recommeneded way?

  3. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    1) Yes. The original HyperWRT is better than stock, however it has not received any attention since mid-last-year, as the author decided he wanted his life back. ;) Kudos to him for starting the ball rolling.

    2) Correct. Thibor does not own any WRT54G's, and doesn't want to make promises he cannot keep, or have anyone angry at him for "bricking their routers". Since he gives the stuff away (unless you voluntarily donate to him), having angry mobs with pitchforks after him for something he cannot test isn't that fair. However, I have a WRT54G V4 and Thibor works great on this router, and myriad reports have it working on anything down to the WRT54G V1. I think you're safe. But you are also doing this at your own risk. No pitchforks, please.

    3 and 4) Correct. Stock firmware in WRT54G has a "codepattern checker" that looks at the firmware that is about to be loaded, and Linksys DOES NOT want you to get your free "GS" upgrade, you naughty, naughty boy. Tofu's firmware loader (and that in DD-WRT) lacks the codepattern checker.

    As to waiting: Fine, but it'll be a LONG wait. Thibor is off playing with the WRTSL54GS now, and the WRT54G/GS line has moved on to their nasty new "V5" junk, so there's little incentive to work on the line any more. Since I doubt anyone is likely to give Thibor a stack of old WRT54G routers to test, and he probably lacks the time to do it anyway, you're on your own.

    There is NOTHING wrong with Tofu 13c. Rock solid, gorgeous stuff. Thibor adds:

    1. More QoS options, especially for P2P users.
    2. SpeedBooster (of course)
    3. A few upgrades and refinements.

    Keep in mind that Thibor 13 and Tofu 13 were about the same. So look in the Thibor changelog under "14" and you'll see a ROUGH list of differences between Thibor 14 and Tofu 13c. See anything in that list you like? Then upgrade. Don't? Leave it alone. ;)

    The two are VERY similar. Thibor just adds a few nice shiny new goodies that I wanted very much, so I upgraded. YMMV.
  4. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    Oh, and as to the "reset".

    I heavily recommend doing a "factory reset with erase NVRAM" AFTER the firmware upgrade.

    It's probably not a bad idea to do a simple factory reset BEFORE the upgrade, too, just to make sure you are entering this with a clean slate.

    That means you'll have to rekey all of your settings.

    You CAN load from stock, with your settings, and try Tofu out. However, I will warn you - I did this back on an earlier Tofu release and I really didn't seen much performance/stability improvement until I did the factory reset with erase NVRAM and rekeyed. Why? I suspect a bad setting was out there somewhere. Or yeti. I dunno, it just did.

    Never, ever, ever restore saved settings from one firmware to another. Your router may turn into a crazed weasel and attack you. Maybe a badger. You have been warned.
  5. seven-

    seven- Network Guru Member

    NateHoy, thanks for the response.

    I appreciate you taking the time. You really helped me out with all my questions. :thumb:
  6. agraham

    agraham Network Guru Member

    I second seven, NateHoy. That was everything I wanted to find out in a nutshell.

    I think I'm going to go ahead and put thibor14 on my pair of WRT54G's. I've simply got to have those p2p features since some of the people I'm sharing with are destroying our DSL connection by choking the upstream channel.

    As I think about it now one thing that would allay my fears entirely would be if tofu looked at the tofu13d->thibor14 diffs and gave it his WRT54G seal of approval, but I figure enough people have tested it now that I'm safe.
  7. seven-

    seven- Network Guru Member

    Hey agraham,

    I'm glad this topic helped you out as well.

    Please report back when/if you do upgrade your 54G to Thibor 14 and let us know how it goes.

    I myself am leaning towards Tofu 13c because I am scared. And also because I don't know what benefits I would actually be getting by further upgrading to Thibor 14.

    Here is the changelog:

    But it's all a new language to me :eek:

    I don't understand what those changes mean... so :cry:
  8. myrrhlin

    myrrhlin Network Guru Member

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